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  • I started playing pokemon for no even a year. It all started when my little brother's friend left his pokemon red at my dad's house...
    When I got an Eevee I was realy exited. Now I have 3 pokemon games of my own. =) I have pokemon Sapphire, Fire Red, and Mystery Dungeon Red.......... and NO my favorite color is not red... It's blue! =D
    Flying types are my main favorites. I like Electric types too, so Zapdos is among my favorite pokemon. I also use a lot of water types, especially the starters.
    out of the ones that have beem made so far, it's close between Flareon, Umbreon and Glaceon. Out of the ones i have made, its easily the Ground one =3
    If Eevees and their Eeveelutions didn't exist... what would have been your favorite pokemon?

    For me, if Eevees & their Eeveelutions didn't exist.......... I definitly wouldn't be playing pokemon, I wouldn't be typeing this, and I would have lived the rest of my life poke-free!!!
    Well, other than Glaceon I like Jolteon too.

    I'm also a really big fan of flying-types. I love using my Staraptor and Pidgeot.
    My favorite Eeveelution would be Vaporeon... but only because he can melt into water :) I also think Flareon looks to coolest and Jolteon has the best moves...
    But that's just my opinion. What's your favorite Eeveelution?
    Hello, Eevee fan! Do you want to be friends?

    I love Eevee (hence my name), and my favourite is Glaceon.
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