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  • Those RPGs are okay, but not this one. I am sorry.

    I have made my own RPG, but it is a crossover of both Digimon and Pokemon, and I do not know if you are knowledgeable about both.
    Leave it, please.

    I am not going to throw any accusations or insults, as I do not want to swoop down that low.

    The situation has been resolved. I am leaving. Any other replies attempting to clear this up shall be ignored.

    Good luck with the RPG. Farewell. You two are on your own in the RPG. Maybe bleuumbreon shall continue. Good luck with that, too.
    (I am not forgiving him and I never am... ... ... I can't. He made me feel like that... [AGAIN!] I just... can't do that to me and to you. It would cause me to be angry everytime you babble on about him.)

    "Canon", as you know, resides in the core. The games are canon. And the Gamemaster SAID, "Pokemon with higher stats would be stronger and Pokemon with lower stats would be weaker."
    HOWEVER, it is always best to use ALL the information you have at hand. If I gave you more information, use it. It would only move things further, as she would consider those things and counter them or whatever. Not using the information is wasting time.

    I do know a better place, but I need to go now. If we are online at the same time tomorrow, I shall give you the link.
    I do not really believe that. You posted your reply on BlackStar80's profile, seemingly without considering my points. And my points came in before that post.

    And contrary to what you said to BlackStar80, I never explicitly said, "You cannot dodge."

    See, we cannot swerve from canon in RPGs. It is in the rules linked to in, "How to avoid making a Mary-Sue".
    I have REPEATEDLY mentioned Aura Sphere's speed when it has been used against Mew and also mentioned that it is drawn to the opponent's own Aura in my post. It had all the necessary information given, STILL giving her a chance through Bounce.
    Overstepped? I suppose you should first look up Aura Sphere. And learn about Bounce. Or Protect, for that matter. When other characters used Aura Sphere against Mew, I made sure they successfully hit Mew. I obey the universal rules of Pokemon. I do not act like a hypocrite, at least. The fact that a SKITTY can KILL an UMBREON (She even said she got in at least 50 hits without the Umbreon retaliating.) is Fridge Logic at best. All characters cannot be the same in terms of power. Yes, they may have other weaknesses, aside from power. (Mew was the one who got tricked by The Darkness, no one else. Even though, being a Legendary, he is extremely difficult to beat, I balanced him out. And that counts for a character.
    Come join Competitive Battling sometime. Because Competitive Battling is deep. Have you tried EVs? Pokemon like Mew are great with it. The only hard threat in all of Pokemon to this Mew is Volcarona. And Volcarona CANNOT OHKO Mew. Problem solved. And Mew has Baton Pass. Keldeo defeats Volcarona with Calm Mind boosts with ease. Another problem solved. Saying that they have way too narrow a view of strategy is a stereotype, and I am sure we can agree that no stereotype is accurate.

    It is not as deep as you really think. No need to be all official and consider this a case in a court. It is about two kids (We are probably among the youngest on this site.) being in a dispute.
    All that BlackStar80 said right now.
    I never did that.

    She has to follow the RPG Rules even if it is her own RPG. Moderators are higher than her.

    She previously used Bounce. Why not use it now. I even told it to her and this case was resolved, yet she is bringing it up? Wow. Also, Aura Sphere is naturally stronger than Flash Cannon and Aura Sphere's Fighting is also super effective on Steel. Also, Skitty CANNOT use Flash Cannon. And she should stop lying, because I have NEVER shouted at her.

    She said that "Cassafrass had no problem with her killing DarkMist." This implies her original plan WAS killing him and she only pretended against it when we said it was against the Rules. Furthermore, I have never reported her, despite all she did. And if bleuumbreon reported her, it is a good thing. Moderators give people what they deserve. In other words, reporting is good.

    Well, first... he was telling me how the plot should go. Don't you think that I should figure that out by myseklf and create a plot of MY choice seen as though this is MY RPG?

    He then was telling me hwo to do the RPG, like when to post, what to say, how the plot will work (etc.) and the reasos went on. Do you think that he should've told me how to do my OWN RPG?

    He then, on Cassafrass1999's RPG, Which I am part of as well, told me how that was going to work and then Cass didn't say anything about it! He was then attacking my character so that the only option was suicide or death, he said that my character couldn't dodge it no matter what she did, so I played it fair game by intercepting it with a Flash Cannon - Which is a fairly strong move, hmm? Then, he told me that I COULD dodge after I posted and started shouting at me.

    He just... Grr...! He then brought out stats and stuff to do with how my character "killed" another. "she only THOUGHT she had killed him!" BUT... he didn't listen, Bleuumreon and AWildMew BOTH reported me and he then told Cass, who then gave ME a warning, when she was perfectly fine with it before! Do you think that he should tell Cass how to do HER OWN RPG and that stats should be included in a FUN game. He knows I hate maths. anyways!

    He does it deliberately!
    I doubt she would exaggerate things this much if this was only about that.

    It does:

    O, great Skitty, please listen to this story,
    For it is filled with power and glory.

    This story is to be heard by Pokemon old and new,
    For it speaks of the Legend of the mythical Mew.

    Pokemon after Pokemon, Keldeo took down,
    Many Pokemon it cut with Secret Sword and with Hydro Pump, many did it drown.

    Nonetheless, the foe did not scream or shout,
    For the Legendary Xerneas had come out.

    (If you do not know already, Xerneas is an incredibly powerful Legendary, pretty much capable of taking on Arceus himself!)

    Xerneas spread immense destruction, far and wide,
    It forced the extremely weakened Ferrothorn and Aegislash to abide.

    But Xerneas' victory never became fact.,
    Because the Legendary Mew finally did act.

    (Xerneas vs. Mew. This was epic. To clarify, Xerneas has SKY HIGH offensive stats. Mew had only Will-o-Wisp to cause damage, so Xerneas' slightly lower Defensive Stats did not bite it back. In other words, Xerneas had an advantage. So, who won?)

    The Legendary Mew calmed its mind,
    Even with Moonblast, no success did Xerneas find.

    Overcome by serenity, Mew unleashed ghostly flames,
    Incredible was the simplicity, yet amazing were its aims.

    Bewildered and enraged, Xerneas was Burned,
    And thus, through stalling and perseverance, victory had Mew finally earned...
    EDIT: That means "I don't know" should be 100% true if you say that.
    Um... what do you mean?

    Furthermore, I have given her abundant evidence to prove my point. But she refuses to even check them.
    Well... I do care about my RPG and how he is controlling it. I DON'T NEED HIM CONTROLLING MY RPG.
    I care about my friends and him bickering on like this isn't helping my reputation.
    I care about how he acts and he is just giving himself greif acting like he's 10. More like a 40 year old PEDO-BEAR!
    I care about you, though...

    That's why I didn't really want you to get shouted at or I didn't want to have to report him or you for protesting against my anger [problems] rant. I just... didn't want you to get emotionally hurt...
    Okay, so she always said how Mew was weak and pathetic. I composed a poem based on a TRUE scenario in Competitive Battling, where Mew defeated Xerneas. (Xerneas can pretty much take on Arceus.) So, she came up with counters like "I am making this up." and "Xerneas is more focused on Defense and Speed that Offense." I do not know if you believe me or not, but I think she ought to believe me, because my Mew walled her Kyogre. (The king of all Ubers.) I also proved the latter claim wrong by presenting the actual stats of Xerneas (Who was truly focused on offense.)

    Now, as she lost this bet, she said "It's a simulator, not the real thing." I told her that it used the exact same mechanics and its community was actually larger than Wi-Fi Battling. (Or at least more competent. A moderator said that.) But she just ignored my points and said, "Like that'll work, Mew...".

    So, now, make of it what you want. I think she hates Mew for whatever reason and that is what annoys her.
    Here's the extent of my knowledge:

    A few minutes ago, Mew added a post to the RP, both advancing the story and asking a couple of questions about how things were going to develop.
    By the time I finished reading it, all hell had broken loose.

    Catch me up, please.
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