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  • Good game! XD I was really surprised when my one thing lived with 4HP - I almost went for protect with it that turn. Looking forward to your next challenge.
    Your inbox is full. Hmm. Looks like your connection's gonna be lame again. One last shot, then try again tomorrow?
    Ahhhh~~~ You're open!! :3 I have to admit you got me addicted to Inverse Battles~~ :3
    Could I challenge your Facility sometime? I have some changes to make on my team, so it doesn't have to be now. Would you be around in 30-60 minutes maybe?
    yeessssssssssssssssss! I will challenge you in a sec.
    idk what stats/items/moves to run so I just.......came up with something.......
    hopefully it doesn't suck too much.
    true true.
    you wouldn't perchance have an uber team would you? I'm making one right now to challenge lord fighting when he gets back on later/whenever and I'd love to test it. :3
    k finished it.
    this is also my first time using PS since back in black and white days so I'll probably suck.
    My name is ColtonL what do I need to do to find you?
    can I try challenging your inverse frontier too? your ps right? I'm currently making a team, and I'm sure I'll make tons of mistakes since inverse will confuse the f out of me but I want to give it a shot :3
    Hm, I don't see you yet. I'm Cryuel there and in the lobby currently. Will quickly get ready for bed (it's night time over here) and can do a battle in 5-10 minutes if that still works for you? :) My team is all ready already.
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