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  • Hm, seeing you offline makes me wonder if you might have forgotten to close. :S
    I'll still be on for a while to see if you're around, but btw, you haven't let me know your PS name yet, which I'd need at some point to update the OP with it!
    Would love to challenge the Battle Maze and give Inverse my first try! :) (I did so horribly in the game when I did, lol, so hopefully this time it will go better?)
    nvm I posted the results anyway, just without a score.
    woot that means that I just completed my first triad! ^w^
    no I will totally accept that.
    Thank you! ^w^ idk how to post dc results, especially since it happened 3 times and I didn't see the last ones score so I just put up the team I used.
    Do you know what the score was on that last one? if so then I"ll post the normal results :D
    I hope you don't mind, but since I battled you 3 times (and since the dc)
    and I guess we're counting them all as losses, can I go ahead and switch out up to 3 pokes?
    its ok, my ds battery just turned red anyways :/ so I can't do anymore right now.
    no offense but I hate your connection ;A;
    and rotom waking up made me wonder if sleep turns reset when you switch out or not. going to have to look that up now.
    cloyster is super defensive, so it wouldn't have killed it.
    nidoking still could kill it, and i've never used sableye on talonflame so idk if I can take a brave bird, if I can then I could recover stall you 'till you killed yourself..
    and darmanitan had very little health left.....bullet punch would've killed it easily
    oh and I forgot scizor, scizor's mega bullet punch would've finished darmanitan too.
    idk if cloysters ice shard would kill tangrowth enough, idk if yours even has an attack outside of infestation.
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