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  • That's cool, is the mew Japanese? If the mew isn't Japanese its hacked, it can however be in English blocky letters
    I can't stop you from buying one but, from experience 4 years ago those things are giant F you to your own game I was screwed over by my own when I used just the walk through walls cheat I was stuck with buck for 3 years I couldn't fly, dig, bike, use surf, use the underground or well do anything, I was majorly over screwed with that I emailed the company to complain but they still even 4-5 years later they never replied, they just like screwing up everyone's games I almost had a completely broken and corrupt game just from the single cheat I suggest having someone clone for you, I mean its less convenient but it pays off with les risks
    That's good, it means it gets more stats while levelling up and has perfect IV's and overall you can get better pokemon in trades for it
    There is a man in the battle subway at the bottom of the stairs who if you talk to him he will ask if you want to know a pokemons potential if it is can't be better then in the stats he lists are flawless
    Trade Receipt

    Pokemon Traded: Pikachu colored Pichu [Event, Untouched, Clone]
    Pokemon Received: Japanese Member Card Darkrai [2008 Event, Untouched, Clone]

    Comments and Notes
    twiztid420 was very prompt and polite in response to all messages concerning the trade and was very prompt in arranging and executing the trade. The Pokemon received was exactly as initially agreed upon. Would trade with twiztid420 further in the future and suggest him/her as a trade partner for other users.
    Sorry dude, but shiny Keldeo and shiny Arceus cannot be obtained without hacking. Their event mechanics made sure that shiny frames were skipped for them.
    RNGing stands for Random Number Generator it is a way to find shiny or flawless seeds in your game and can give you what other people call "perfect pokemon" but that's only what other people here think
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