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  • Oh damn, glad you caught that on those 3 cause I didn't see that 0_0 I can get event legends no problem as long as they have their event ribbons, do you have a shiny 5-6IV mewtwo? I have a shiny one but its 0IV and not sure who else to ask since out of our group of shop owners mainly only you and I are on lately, what would be a good legendary Pokémon to move tutor next?
    Yep, at least it can help us know more about what the new action replay can hack, which is good since none of us are low enough to resort to using it to know what it will do
    BEWARE OF SPECIAL BALL SHINY POKÉMON THAT ARE KALOD BRED, saw a picture on instagram today from the person I was going to trade with and they had a heavy ball shiny 6IV goomy, so the ball can be hacked, wild encounters can be forced like in past games RNG still isn't possible so that's a little less confusable, power saves copies the saves and over rides the save after the deposit everything in bank, the power save them overrides the game and clones what you had last in-game when you saved in-game so say pokemon a-z are in bank but last time you saved were in-game so it copies your last save and copies over the current save, which clones when you deposit in bank, I hate hackers, we gotta tell luda, Charizard, skullkid, and anyone else so they know aswell
    I forget, did we ever finalize our trade? I think you wanted my archen, Litwik, Rufflet, and Staryu, correct me if I have em wrong though
    Its a 252 HP, 252 sp.Atk, 4 def assault vest lapras, sp.def is good enough to not need much or any investment, and I'm trying to get the pokes I have to lv100 aswell, going slowly though since I only train when leveling something up to LV50 first
    Nevertheless was super close, you shoulda seen the battle I had earlier, they were unlucky enough to get a sp.Atk lower on Bisharp activate defiant and I got the Ancientpower boost with lapras 0_0
    And its mega form has thick fat so its basically only weak to flying and psychic, first time getting to use mega venusaur, also wanted gonna try freeze dry assault vest lapras out
    I will look at that later, I can hop on in a minute, gotta get dinner out of the oven first, just pizza :p
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