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  • Its to op right now, its a major threat in vgc and to the metagame, aegislash, tyranitar, dragonite with multiscale and very few others fan easily pull off weakness policy and sweep teams, less tyranitar sweeping since its slower though, but definitely needed a few so we didn't have another repeat sableye, and Spiritomb no weakness bull sh** incident, up until 2012 I didn't use sableye once and I still hate Spiritomb to this day since its so bs, sure it has 1 weakness now but that's not enough to me since I hate it THAT much
    Also I can rebreed a slowpoke for you with regenerator, I run Scald, flamethrower, slack off and trick room on it, could also run heal pulse on Slowbro
    Don't worry about it I can try and get one, I left the cave last night so I could battle my cousin when I was at his house so I should be able to breed now :)
    Leftovers for health each turn, besides if its one on one against a grass type then you wouldn't be in a great position with it @_@
    Whatever its HA is in gen5 changes to Infiltrator when transferred to x and y, guess shadow tag was to big a pain they changed it, if I recall it had that before
    Lol got a point, thanks dude, I haven't had time to clone since I think Thursday just cause of my brother using the ds and having random stuff we were supposed to do, so what's new dude?
    okay, nice I used to trade a lot too, I had my own shop and everything but that was basicly just to pokemon with good IV's that I can use on wifi :p
    hey twiz can you plz add my friend code? :D
    I got a ghost friend safari but I don't know what pokemon are in it... could you tell me?
    also I want a gooey sliggoo :D here's my fc: 4871 5236 8426
    Sure, I have no way of breeding Infiltrator Litwik, if you have access to one from the dream world and with Infiltrator that'd be a great help, anything you want in return?
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