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  • HP Ice Infiltrator Litwik
    bold Regenerator Foongus
    Jolly Knock Off Inner Focus Mienfoo
    Bulky Gyarados to use for T. wave, Taunt, Waterfall and Ice Fang
    Also saw a video against a Smack Down Earthquake Mega Garchomp team on YouTube today
    Thanks me to, very bored right now but I want one to use to try out for my team and I can't breed anything til I get it since well its on that damn island, this sucks @_@
    Haven't been on myself much either, trying to Sr for Moltres with hp water lately, no such luck having good ivs with hp water and my timid sync =/ gonna run an endure weakness policy set with tailwind, heat wave, air slash, HP Water / Ancient Power
    Nice, I have nothing planned to do in life yet, didn't really think of anything to do outside of school when i was still in it XD
    Didn't want to waste time trying to trade for one that's useable though, I got one with 4IVs right off the bat last night but missing sp.def and speed, otherwise I woulda kept it and avoided all this mess, nice you have a real life friend who's still into pokemon and that they went to your party, which day was it on?
    Wow dude nice, real life friend who knows the game to the extent we do or a person on the forums who knew what they were doing?
    I'm gonna KILL my brother, he left his character in the elite four last night, I wasted an hour getting his Pokémon killed so I could leave and catch articuno, wasted another 20 minutes looking through his game and mine for my synchronizer and false swipe scizor, spent the time getting to the cave and saving in front of articunos spot and he fuc*ing catches it with a sh!t nature, couldn't be more pissed with him today, I told him just last night not to touch it cause I was going to catch him a good one, one that is good and one I can use (same one) and what's he do, he messes it up by catching a crappy iv naughty one he won't pay attention and I can't be anymore upset with him right now.
    Well since you have the damp ability you have to run explosion so you can make people think Swampert will blow itself up and they won't have to battle it XP, in all seriousness I'd say. 248 HP, 200 sp.def, 56 Def, and 4 Atk
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