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  • I know, right? I also just realized that my human character is shipped with a human pony...so....would that count as furry, or not?

    Sweet! I would be standing on Blightsteel's shoulder, and before us i would have Memnarch and other artifacts strewn about, with the Darksteel Citidel in the background. I would wearing the Sol Ring, and on my right shoulder a Signal Pest would be perched. This seems to awesome i could see both armies just staring at each other. But don't kill yourself over this drawing, do yours!
    It's always good to keep your mind flowing in a direction. I'm still working on it, but i can promise that both Shadowflare and Zephrix will be in it.

    I would either be a Blue/coloress artifact PW or a mono Black vampire PW.

    All this talk of ponies, games, and roles makes me want to do a MLP rp but no, the only one around HAS to be busy with unloyal people. ugh. I shouldn't be annoyed, but Celestia damn it, i want to role play with ponies! RAH!
    Fun? Try borderline hostile world takeover! Imigine you, a plansewalker, standing astride the three biggest threats to the Magic Universe, and tell me you wouldn't do something at least a little crazy.

    I'm not personally a fan of pony shipping, but seeing how popular it is, i decidded to add it. Three moths before the start of the game, Rare, Flutter, and Rain were tasked to infultrate the Capital, the home of the King, and retreive the Elements of Magic/Harmony. They are captured, and Sparks/Twilight freaks out. She removes Xaiver from leading the Resistence, and begins to make plans about attacking the Capital to save them, being in love with Rain. A messager from the Empire bears a large sack, and Sparks throws it in the river, believeing it to contain the heads of her three friends. Knowing that there is no way the Resistence can win, Sparks begins to research a time rewind spell. While the Resistence believes she is doing this for the good of the people, Halt, Xaiver, Diana Pink, and Jacky Apple know that she really wants Rain back. The sack actual contained potateos in the shape of heads, so Diana has a crazy idea that they act like they are helping to get resources for the spell, when they are really trying to teach Sparks to let go. Oh, and i have Halt and Flutter shipped, so....yeah. You like so far?
    I think considdering how fast you can get one of the strongest cards out on turn 4/5, it's for the best that you and your krazy self don't have all three cards. for with the power of all three Eldrazi, who knows what you might do.

    oh, and i shouldn't talk about having Twilight avoid twidash. In my game, i had to make the mane six humans, and i shipped Twilight and Rainbow Dash. does that make me a bad person?
    *anypony, my bad. and before i go, *Brohoof* I'm here for you buddy, you need to talk about problems, why you feel depressed, ladies putting you down, magic stuff, or ponies, i'll listen.
    Wow, sorry to rub salt in your wounds. I hope you get back to good old krazy Krazy again soon. And have a filly Twilight, just keep her away from Twidash ship fics. that wouldn't end well for anybody.
    Hey Krazy, i was just curious, but how are the bios coming along? I noticed you haven't been on very much recently, is your grandfather's death still bothering you?
    Hey Krazy, what's up? I just finished my game design camp, and my game is actual really good. A lot of text though, but i'm a writer, so what can i say? I have the plot of the MLP rp as my plot, but this time, when the king tried to use dimension magic, it caused the land to become black and chared, and crops refused to grow. the mane six are in it, but they are humans with different names. Sparks Evening, Jacky Apple, Diana Pink, Rain, Rare, and Flutter. Guess them all and win a free Filly Twilight to compliment the Filly Rainbow Dash you already have.
    Very true! I remember getting Pokemon Blue like it was yesterday. And of course anyone younger than 15 or so wont remember the excitement of the initial Pokemon cards - Which was indeed epic.
    JKGsfk;hgldsjf;sdgjf. I was just. . snooping on the roleplay board and saw your signature. . which mentions pewdiepie. . :D I couldn't help but to say something. . because I'm a Pewdiepie fan too *BROFIST*
    I'm 19 and I feel a little too old to be on this site haha; everyone seems so young. Guess they missed out on the beginning of Pokemon unlike us.
    Hey, thanks! Hope my story gave you some good inspiration for yours.

    If you're interested, I put up an epilgoue to Struggle for Power. It's more of a segway into future stories, but I hope you can enjoy it nonetheless.
    Aww, I'm the opposite really, I love people and am probably a little too outgoing. I have my secret sides though, of which Pokemon is definitely one :p x
    Ah I've never played that to be honest. Really, I'm not much of a gamer, I just love Pokemon :p
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