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  • When in Rome... /punted

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU. Even though I have said that elsewhere but there you go. /Kanye shrug
    Today 4:46 AM

    you literally have the worst timezone of all time. OF ALL TIME!!

    alas i cannot announce it here....
    some mod out to get my permab& reinstated might take what i say as MEANSAUCE TROLLING because that is all my sociopathic internet hate machine self does
    even though it's just stating the facts apparently i can't do that lolz!!!!!!

    b u t for your convenience i will be on msn 6:20-7:30am more like 5:30-7:30am i have physics to do 2mrw (bambi ish maybe my time 2mrw (well maybe today for you who knows australia is dumb LOL)
    aren't i generous
    fortune has shined upon us
    come to msn asap
    so we can inform you
    of clopstrongth's win
    i got sick of him ok
    in case his stupid self deletes it

    also i feel as though you should make signing onto msn a priority 1 action whenever you get online, as me/my cronies do.......... they are all coming home so we will have many large convos for lol @ chumpking etc

    edit: wow i am slow lol 'l o l' disregard me i'm running off water vapor vrrr

    also, message to slowking
    you're a cockmongling idiot
    sorry figured out it was Typhlo64 who I had an argument with in the past (if the name rings any bells)
    I still don't like you anyway, however that doesn't mean there's a reason for it. I just don't like people that easily. Take no offence from it.
    i figured it would be.
    since i am always right, i was right. <-- flawless logic tbth.

    i saved the spot for you. i hit 70 before then some butthurt homos deleted me ;p;. pluto knew this day would happen. it was truly not meant for anyone else

    you had better. thugs katya and alexis are on vacation i am: bored and trying to avoid doing ap math i need someone to spam caps with before i go insane vrrr vrrr
    also we reached a consensus you must hear our news but not on sppf there are too many creepers milling about looking for my activity.


    you could always visit my page honey. you are +1 visit to my list i am @ over 10,000 visits now i am so legit truck yea.

    i think it's more mysterious and alluring if you visit it logged out.............. o)
    i would just like to announce you count as 2 people in my friends list

    i had 68.
    now i have 70.
    but there's only 69 people.
    so you are not only the 69th 8U but you have been given a second count

    that or it's pluto up in my profile which is not entirely unlikely tbcomodh

    your strongth beckons.
    Goda damnit you cheesewheel sotp ficking spamming my page. 8|

    And the only way to get past the Capslock Cockblock is to have a lowercase letter somewhere in the post.
    I DO know some drama went down about some shipping stuff. I left for a few days, and returned to see that the club was closed.
    Hello!! :)

    So, I was cleaning out my drawers the other day and found this HUGE notebook of printed papers. I opened it up and found the all of the episodes of Poketalk that I had printed out nearly four years ago. They still make me laugh so hard. XD And, I'm sure, if it wasn't for Poketalk, I don't believe I would be here. It was my first Serebii experience.

    Just wanted to drop in and tell you that. XD Sorry for being random.
    YOU ARE LEARNING SO MUCH SO FAST, IT BRINGS HAPPY TEARS TO MY EYES. or something idk i suck at being a sap 8|

    LAWL WE NEVER REALLY SPOKE ON CHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE CAST. *facepalm* So far we have Raine's Steven as Cinders with Bex's Steven as Prince Charming, Lance and Looker as the Ugly Sisters, Bidoof as one of the rats who runs into a horse, Shaymin's providing special effects in flinging flowers everywhere, Puffy's bombing the stage at the end, I may have Mel wreck it somehow... there's still a bit to sort out. BUT THERE IS PLENTY OF TIME, I won't make Dawn ask for people for a week or two. So yeah, plenty of batcrappery to happen on AIM!

    *sings to self* Simply having a wonderful Christmas time... *nuked*


    And FFFFFFFF may as well explain the event here;

    I'm bringing in a Dawn to PD. She's based on my TotalEclipseshipping one-shot so yeah, she's with a Darkrai. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point is that she LOVES Christmas and everything about it... including pantomines. Once I have made her debut i'm gonna make a post with her asking people to star in the Awesome Island version of Cinderella! *cackles* BUT on the day of the actual panto it's gonna be a trainwreck; EVERYTHING is gonna fail with Puffy bombing the stage at the end. I want all the PUDchatters involved; Raine, Bex, MC, Puri, Dark and you! 8D

    Why Lance? Cause it was mentioned that him and Looker should be the ugly sisters. *cackles forever* OH COME ON IT WOULD BE EPIC.
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