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  • No, I just restarted on SS after trading everything off (I only have maybe 5 gym badges and I only remember Ampharos being on my team... maybe Typhlosion). I had the notion to go for my Pokédex, but I just don't have the time.
    Thanks for the trade today, though!
    actually i do have that. what can you offer me again? what was it that im looking for i cant remember. i might be willing to trade it with a pokemon.
    oh ok well let me see if i can come up with a metagross or metang or beldum on one of my 4th gen games and ill get back to you with it.
    at least i dont have to worry about that. my parents never tell me to stop playing maybe because im an only child but they do tell me i need to get a job which i want to and then get that 84 firebird i saw for sale in chicago and then i can start working and make some extra cash but instead i continue to play pokemon every day. i really need to find something else to do besides video games thats my problem. im sure we all have our own problems nowadays. i want to be able to meet people but where i live you need a car to get around this town. thats another problem.
    Of course i'd never said i'd stop. My mom also want to take away my game, but i'd rather she slap me than touch it -,-
    welp looks like this aint ever happening. man ive been playing since at least 1998 and i will continue to play until i die or they decide to do away with pokemon which is always a possibility nowadays at least thats what i think.
    I don't mind to be friends, but I personally don't like to compare Pokemon. This is because each Pokemon has their own different look, different battle style, different attributes and statues, different origin, etc. Each Pokemon has their own advantages and disadvantages, so there is not much meaning for comparison. And also, I don't "observe" the Pokemon merely from game canon, but from every possible Pokemon medias, so I may possess different viewpoint from you.
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