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Recent content by tyranitarenthusiast

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    Are you ever ashamed of being a Pokémon fan?

    im downright on the edge of quitting because none of my friends know i play and none of them play it (in fact I've heard them mock it before), also my parents kind of think that its childish and abnormal for one my age to play it. With XY coming out for the 3ds, and i only have the DSi, I'm also...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    sadly magikarp was my first legit shiny, and in my entire pokemon experience, i have encountered 3 random legit shinies (magikarp SS, dratini B, Cresselia W2) and dratini i didn't catch. out of my favorites: 1. golurk, its awesome design with even better colors the black/green looks awesome...
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    What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

    my usual options: 1. and you like cod... 2. everyone is entitled to their own interests 3. explain that more people over 10 play pokemon than ten and under 4.mind your own combee-wax 5. ignore it/shrug 6. tend to your own raticate killing
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    But Would You Be A Trainer?

    i would probably be a trainer from age 10-18 then i would settle in one of the smaller towns and become a pokemon breeder and sell the baby pokemon for a living. HOWEVER THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL OR ANYTHING. an example would be: two parents want to give their kid a dratini as his/her first pokemon...
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    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    should Groudon be a Ground/Steel type? He represents the earth an ground and the center of the earth is pure iron so?????
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    The Never-Ending Cheat v.???

    youngster joey who is trying to destroy all legendaries so his rattata can be of the top percentage. when he sees you he...
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    The Never-Ending Cheat v.???

    ..and find that uxie is being attacked a tyranitar wearing a pink bow tie so you...
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    Funniest Things in Pokemon

    all of silver's excuses for being defeated by you
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    Which Pokemon would you use to do that?

    garbodor is already made of waste so he will absorb it 4 u a meteor is hurtling towards earth!
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    What is your favorite fire type pokemon?

    favorite fire starter: typhlosion it was my first poke and took down everything in it's path favorite fire non- starter: i used magmortar in my best team so far and i love how its arms turn into cannons
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    following Pokemon or not?

    it wouldn't work in 3d
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    Your poke jokes!

    4/10 your avatar is so ugly that i want it made into bacon so i don't have to look at it anymore
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    drilbur early on would be pretty helpful (you can find them in the rustling dirt in caves like wellspring cave)
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    Your poke jokes!

    your avatar is so silly that it looks like radioactive spaghetti. above post 9/10
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    Pokémon related pet peeves?

    there is a meloetta event in north america coming in march