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  • Yeh, few of them have migrated to Smogon, died, or played ASB instead.
    I'm pretty sure only one of the remaining clans still uses Xat (RIP Flash player). Some utilize things like Kik, Skype, FB, or PS for chat purposes -- my clan uses PS.
    That's good to hear!
    Nah man, I've been competitively dead lol. I'm only here just to spam the VO thread and my art thread, otherwise I am too busy to participate further xD
    Xats are dead btw
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I missed the time. Weekends for sure, especially Sunday.
    Yeah kind of. Things were still fine around 2013, but went on a landslide from 2014 and on.
    That's right. That's exactly what happened. Most competitive players have left; leaving the casual and easygoing "players" who're here mostly for the social.
    Comp discussions dropped, OSL/serebii frontier were torn, numbers of clans have shrunk drastically due to no appealing factors for newbies, decent players and contributors left cuz they realized how this place wont get them places nor any recognition they deserved, numbers of tournaments have depleted, comp moderators have nothing to do but locking threads and wait for miracles to happen, and the RMT now is mostly filled with garbage.

    Basically this section is just waiting for its demise and I bet you notices drastic changes, since 2011 & 2012 were the prime years of comp scene in Serebii (imo)
    Yeah kinda sad. Bgp is still there. Some familiar are still alive in drac thread, but the other veterans are mostly dead (went inactive then slowly disappeared). Were you in TA when you left?
    That xat is mostly alive in the weekends. Otherwise it's as lively as a graveyard x]
    Ahahaha that's good to hear! I'm in college as well, pouring my heart and brains out.
    Nah, 2013 was my zenith of my competitive era. I play it casually now. Have you caught up with the recent poke games?
    I'm doing great. Still lurking around & posting junk occasionally. What about you?
    Yeh, I bet you noticed how the clans have been shrunken down and how many old peeps died since then. x]
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