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  • I do it from the computer, but that too is an answer that varies depending on your router.
    I'm going to guess that if I were to torrent it, it'd be free. But legitimately it would cost around 150 CAD.
    well how do i do that?
    Without me knowing what make and model of router you have? Mighty hard to answer.
    It's a whole new arc. spanning either hoenn or sinnoh. We're thinking of maybe producing our own music, but, we'll see. there's still a load of time until.
    Voice Recording.

    Sadly, I have the first portions planned out. For the later, sure, why not. I guess you could be a Paul/Barry cross. Powerful, arrogant, but comedic relief.
    I actually have a thread in the 5th generation RMT. It's in my signature too. And I'm dead serious. It wouldn't be until we get an artist, as I cannot draw at all. For VR, skype works fine. It isn't the best, but it works. Webcam works too.
    Are you refering to my sig? Then yes I mean Legendaries in general. I just don't believe they are Pokemon meant to be used for battles. I've also seen much better stratagies with people who DON'T USE LEGENDARIES. I'm also very angry at the fact that Legendaries again steal the spotlight by beating Ash's Pokemon and winning the Sinnoh Leauge! Don't you think they get enough attention in the movies? However if it makes you feel better I like Celebi, Latias, and Lugia there very attractive... But of course I don't use them.
    Take a guess.




    Just pick one.

    I use Karakura more though.
    Bad Tyranitar pun...

    I have youTube, but never upload anything. It's moreso for quick access to certain channels. Never heard of the other site, sorry.
    Yes, yes, I have. I own a guitar, and can pick up on pretty much anything because I have perfect pitch.
    well i didn't join any band at all...

    but i would love to see the enthusiasm of the people who loves music. am i still legible to join the club?
    hmm muscial instrument huh? well i sucked at it as i played the flute and nothing else lol.
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