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  • Thanks for becoming one of my friends.
    Would you like to have a friendly battle?
    Here is my name and FC.
    Name: Ethan
    FC: 3180-8661-1584

    From Ian
    Haha. It's like an inside joke between us, based on that old thread of yours where everyone was trying to argue against you using the Shuckle.
    Haha nah it's cool, but Shuckle makes for an excellent wall, seeing as it has the highest Defense in the game. No wonder it's so hard to crack an egg.
    Hah thanks, it's comical and at the same time insightful. I hate it when people use awful mechanics, so it's a bit of a reminder. Shuckles win, btw. I've seen a pretty decent BT team with one.
    4th gen teamrating was never one of my strong sides back when i played pokemon TF, i was more of a guideperson. and sorry, i don't have battle revolution, i quit playing it after a friend of mine sold his copy.
    My Sis bought it for me. She lives in the US, i need an American ps3 anyway since we're going to move to the US late this year i think. Can't take a German one with me. o/
    Because the name is awesome! :D

    Nah the real reason was 'cause I made my PSN account German. I forgot that my PS3 is from the US and I have to have a US account or else dlc wont work. ;~;
    Besides the US PSN Store is so much better than the German one! Trust me...

    The name fits for my Sackboy @.@
    No not really. I havent been here very much, so I didnt notice your absence. Sorry.
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