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  • Hey! Think your inbox is full but I'm online and can trade whenever. Think I have your friend code still from before
    Hey TMK~
    I thought I'd check in with you to see how you're doing since you haven't been active for over a week. Please remember to post an active post at least once a week, and to open at least once in a week. We try to be as active and integrated as possible at our League, but of course things do come up every now and then. Should that be the case, please remember to at least post actively or in longer periods of absence notify me and our community.
    here you go master league fighting gym ;)

    just a heads up, you don't need to follow Trinity's form of showing results in Pokegyms. You are better off just saying your opponents name and the results, as well as any comments you might want to make. Short and simple ;)
    there's an image button, like you see the B for bold and what not, find the image button(it's a framed tree) click on that and then post the code there.
    Don't forget to give the artist credit in your sig, btw. It's a big thing on SPPf and for artists of course. :)
    on the front page, one of the spoiler has badge/userbar links.
    or if you meant like me and cryuels banners, we had them custom made. :3
    yes, hes the league overseer so he decides who becomes a leader, but I don't think there will be any problems. Its more of a formality and so he can make sure you know what you are doing.
    have you spoken to Helio Breaker? Hes the final say on who becomes a leader in POkegyms. Also good luck if you are picked ;)
    Hi, please don't post more than once on each page in the trading forums or double post.
    your inbox is full, anyways, sure for manectric for blazikenite, but i need your FC, i'm not sure if i still have you added cause i had to clean my friend list
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