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  • Well, I have no clue how to get the P3rd, lol. As for various terrain, I actually like the change of pace and since I main Lances, I don't mind underwater battles either. What do you think of the parkouring in MH4?
    No, havent played P3rd, nor MHtri, though it's actually covered by 3U. While I would miss out on many awesome games, at the moment I am not trying to get my hands on the Japanese editions.
    Actually, the hitboxes are as bad as everywhere else. The major differences for me are 1) lack of a farm in MH1 and 2) the HP of MH1 monsters are much higher than in MHF... or at least it seems to me. I've only played MH1, MHF and MH3U so far, I'll climb my way up from MHF to MHFU, moving my save state from one game to the next.
    The only Pokemon game that seriously put me off was Black. I played a translated version before the release and I didn't like it. It took me a while to get back to Gen 5, because I didn't want to play the games in German, and got White 2 under a year ago when I saw the imported one from UK. It's also the only one I can transfer my Pokemon from my Diamond :<. After I got a German Y from my friend, I'm more comfortable with playing in German, so I got the remaining Gen 4 and 5 games bar HG and B2 (gotta find those). It's not like I have troubles understanding, it's just the trouble of looking up almost everything about Pokemon: names, natures, attacks, items... when I played SoulSilver I got tired of that :p
    Well, I thought I'd give MH1 a spin and I had no idea it's THAT grindy xD Well, I decided that I'm gonna lead with MHF and learn the monsters there, then beat them in MH1 and this worked well so far. But dang, their HP difference is massive... it took me nearly full 50 minutes to kill a Cephadrome, while in MHF i needed 20 minutes at most.. both with exactly the same equipment! I don't really mind the roboticness of the monsters, I'm just taking advantage of that, but my issue is that I am so bad at throwing bombs, so I can't get the guys out of whereever they're hiding @___@.
    I've been into Pokemon ever since the anime came out in Germany, which is like, '99? And I've got my first physical games around '07 but started playing even earlier on emulators. I have taken breaks because I needed to focus on studying, but I can't help it but play the games more. Now that they made it easier to get competitive Pokemon, I've also bred a team to compete in VGC :3 With each new game there are more and more things to do :D
    Oh, so you're still farther that I am. I haven't even reached any of the GR monsters you mentioned other than Pinkian. I do feel pretty badass for feeding Pinkian bullets until it choked :D I got the older Freedoms for the collection and MHF feels like a more comfortable version of MH1. Did you ever play that? Man, it's so tight on resources, so crazy. No farm or anything, gotta gather up EVERYTHING.... I'm even SRing so I can beat Rathalos with my current stock of items, but I'm very close :D In MHF I did kill Rathalos and got to Azure Los, well... he's quite annoying too, much more than in MH3U, spending waaay too much time in air. But I would play MH more if not for Pokemon, haha. Can't beat my life obsession :p But I'm looking forwards to playing MH4U on 3DS and ONLINE :D
    I bought a PSP just to play the MHs. I bought MHF, MHF2 and MHFU :D I also own MH for PS2 and curse that Rathalos! I'm in mid GR in MH3U, I got to GR by myself, but my friends bumped me a rank up. Funny how I've used Lances during most of my fights, but switched to HBGs just to kill that Pink Rathianian ^^;
    Ah, lol, I'm definitely not gonna be bored of Pokemon in ages :D Battle Maison and VGC battles will keep me playing :3

    And hell yes am I buying SSB3DS and MH4U. I was first annoyed by the MH3U demo, the controls sucked, but a friend insisted that I should buy it and I did... oh man, MH is now one of my favourite franchises now :D Got almost all English releases of MH ^___^ A shame MH3U is offline only on the 3DS, but at least I have some IRL friends to play with ^^;
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