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  • It was the Jhen Mohran up until the Agnaktor village quest (I did everything the wrong way round)
    But then Barioth is great as well
    And Congalalalalalalalalal from the earlier games
    What about you?
    Also is it both MH4 and 3U that will be "offline" or just 3U ... couldnt find it on Monster Wiki! (the best site ever! (for MH))
    ahha! Do they actually? Well that does explain some stuff ... but i would say that usually a Hammer would be more damaging that a SnS ... unless its rigged! argh! the horror !
    Yeah they are good as well. I really like the hammers with the HUUUUUUUUUGE attack though ... smashing skulls and stuff
    True,True. But , again, the best point about 3U will be the many many many more monsters and weapons. I mean DUAL SWORD RETURNS! and less of the silly uber keen bowgun stuff. The bowguns were great but they took so much effort to make a good set.
    Yes! Its all about the content! (and the fact that its MONSTER HUNTER WOOOOOOOOO!!!!) Anyway ;) I think the Graphics in 4 will get better (probably above Tri standard (well 3DS wise)) because its early days and i think Capcom just wanted to get some trailers out.. in the beginning I think i remember the Graphics for Normal Tri didnt look that great either, and look where they turned out!
    Exactly, The main problem imo with region locking was that there was only like 400 people on at once ... and most of them REALLY high levels
    it sure would ..... though i never noticed it was region locked .... probably because in everyone spoke different languages due to it being Europe
    i prefer the online bit of it ... but the 3DS one (which i will get ) doesnt have proper online.... or does it ... i cant remmeber. Anyway i would get the PSP ones .. if i had a PSP though i have kinda played on them on friends' consoles.
    Just MH3 ... And also waiting for 3U and 4 to come out ... i cant believe they pushed the release date back from December to March.... Though at least a Europe/US release is confirmed (ish) now.
    You need to confirm your email on SB's btw (wary) kinda just missed you
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