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  • The only DW females I have are kangaskhan and lickytung....Sorry. I guess I'll have to try someone else.
    Off the top of my head, I have hasty deoxys with 31 att and spe IVs, Heatran with the special event move eruption, timid surfing pikachu with 31 speed IVs, and hidden power ice, 4th gen only, jolly flying pikachu, 4th gen only, adamant intimidate shinx with IVs higher then average(don't know the IVs off the top of my head, but has 25+ in anything it needs), brave bronzor with great IVs(about 30 in everything but speed and sp.att), only 1 speed IV for gyroball/trick room. I also have a lot more if none of these catch your eyes.

    I can also breed for egg moves and IVs if you want something specific. I'm also a good EV trainer. You don't look like you'll care to much about competitive worth, though, so I don't think you'll care to much about IVs/EVs.
    I like Brick by Boring Brick, Playing God, Ignorance, Misery Business and That's What You Get the most :)
    Hey thanks bro. :) You're welcome to use the idea, of course. Don't have to give credit or anything. Look forward to seeing the final result. :D
    (if i don't give chu dis message i won't be spared. :) ) do you play any Dragon Quest Monsters games? if so, plese contact lxdarknessxl for details about joining hissocial group on the same topic. thank you. leave the tip in the bowl. [_______]
    Your signature is really neat. :3

    I was thinking of making my own, similar to yours...it won't be an exact replica, but it'll be some sort of background with Sugimori art featured.

    That OK? If not, I can stick to sprites. :)
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