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  • Do you still have Adamant Scythers that are technician? I can give you other IV bred pokes and/or Scaggy with DD/Drainpunch
    hey i temporarily closed the shop until you are active again as I cannot complete any of the trades without you.
    Im looking for a male oshawott with a nature not effecting anything and in reg pokeball and not nicknamed thanks . restarted game so only have fire monkey give away.what does UT mean?
    add flawless shiny timid kyogre ut to our list as i received one from a trade.

    btw my jolly movie victini is not flawless/near flawless.
    oh yay you are on now, btw check my previous other vms and posts in the shop by myself and others. i need some pokes cloned for some trades. i need your shiny flawless shaymin cloned to trade for a shiny timid flawless kyogre. i also need moltres modest flawless and the darkrai flawless cloned for another trade.

    and oh, anyways i got the azelf from j-myc which is a friend of mine it was sort of a free thing and i gave him the palkia since he was looking for ot: mat pokes.
    btw i traded a cloned shiny flawless sinjoh palkia for a shiny flawless timid azelf(ut) and near flawless timid zapdos(lvl 100 no evs, can be ev trained) w/ thunderbolt, heat wave, roost, and hp(grass)
    hey ive completed the trade with metamike. anyways i negotiated another trade with him that ill be able to do when you clone some pokes for me.
    hey i need you to clone your shiny paradise shaymin flawless and i can trade it for a flawless shiny timid kyogre.
    VM me when you can trade c:
    My shiny flawless Numel and shiny flawless Mantyke [clone-back of Mantyke] for your shiny DW Slowpoke.
    make it a rule for people to state the nature of the pokemon they offer so we do not have to consistently ask some people.

    and put on our wants list as well flawless timid/modest kyogre, flawless adamant/jolly ho-oh(i already have a flawless timid lugia), flawless adamant/jolly rayquaza, timid mew, and flawless giratina (timid/jolly/adamant/modest).
    also btw add to our wants a (if possible shiny) flawless pichu/pikachu hasty or naive w/ volt tackle and light ball as an item want.

    Mixed Sweeper

    - Thunderbolt / Volt Tackle
    - Brick Break
    - Grass Knot / Hidden Power [Ice] / Substitute
    - Grass Knot / Hidden Power [Ice] / Substitute
    Item Attached: Light Ball
    Ability: Static
    EVs and Nature:
    EVs: 140 Atk / 252 Spd / 116 SAtk
    Hasty Nature (+Spd, -Def) / Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)

    looks good and it doesn't need surf as grass knot provides better coverage.
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