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  • Well to be fair she fits in well with Hank, who lives in the world where everything should be his way. Like the Thanksgiving episode when his lawnmower wasn't the best and got all hurtful.

    Some of the things I see her point on, but other times I just want her to die.

    Glad to hear it.

    Btw, I love the KOTH picture. I still yell that all the time.

    I know that. I also say the openings. Disgaea 3's opening was the best, to me. I love the dance they do.
    I don't have the console for it. However I bought Disgaea DS last weekend. I would like that Disgaea 3 and 4 could be played on a DS too. I watched the story line of Disgaea 3 on Youtube and I wish I had playstation too. I'll do the same thing with Disgaea 4, if someone is kind enough to show it.
    It's from the same episode as the screenshot in your sig. Tells it to his parents since he had taken a self-defense class where pretty much he just kicks people in the groin and used it against the numerous bullies at the school.
    Well there's no way to know, because it's impossible. If you're a Mod, SMod, or Admin, there's an 'Upload Picture' button under 'Edit Avatar'.
    Uh, no. Only Mods, SuperMods, and Admins can upload their own avatar. With the small exception of a few mwmbers that a very good freinds with a Mod, SMod, or an Admin.
    ill think about it cause most of the ppl are my friends well have to talk a little bit
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