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Recent content by Ubermuk

  1. Ubermuk

    Favorite Serena's look

    I really liked her new clothing but I'm gonna vote for her original clothes and haircut. That was how I always remember her.
  2. Ubermuk

    Should Ash get a new love interest?

    Nope what's the point of more forced romance drama especially if it's one sided again...? Lol he barely spoke to her when he saw her in the Contest episode. And you think they're going to get married when their chemistry is already in the toilet? :D
  3. Ubermuk

    Characters hated for odd reasons?

    This. I thought people were just joking around at first but then more people kept calling him a psychopath so seriously. It makes absolutely no sense why they would call him that. I get that people were salty that he kept catching Pokemon that they wanted Ash to get but they needed to get over...
  4. Ubermuk

    No, seriously... Do you think they will ever bring back Porygon in anime?

    Um you can't really compare the Kadabra thing to the Porygon situation. The Kadabra situation was mainly due to lawsuits that Nintendo wanted to avoid but the Porygon situation involved little kids being hospitalized. And even if none of them pressed charges or blame the show anymore why would...
  5. Ubermuk

    Would you believe it if Ash Ketchum Won the Sinnoh league or maybe like Kalos League?

    Ash winning the Sinnoh league? Maybe. But I doubt the writers could've justified him winning the Kalos league unless Alain weren't there. :p
  6. Ubermuk

    Why are HGSS held up as pinnacles of main series Pokemon games?

    The OP was obviously talking about the main games not side games. Plus EOS was basically Explorers of Time and Darkness with only like 5% new material... HGSS were loved for being the best remakes we had had at the time. They added so much cool stuff that Game Freak for some reason got rid of...
  7. Ubermuk

    Charmander, the Stray Pokémon (011)

    Each time they copied Charmander's backstory it got progressively worse lol. Dunno why they thought it would be fun to have so many of Ash's Fire types be abused.
  8. Ubermuk

    Dub voices you just didn’t like

    Michelle Knotz or whatever her name is has no business voicing Jessie for as long as she has. She was alright voicing May and minor characters but Jessie sounded so ****ing bad from what I remember...
  9. Ubermuk

    Which would you be more excited for, Serena returning or Greninja returning?

    Neither lol. Journeys would ruin Serena like it ruined Dawn and almost every old character that returned in this saga and Greninja would become more overrated than ever before.
  10. Ubermuk

    Which characters strength level made the least amount of sense at the end of their journey (last time you seen them)

    Mallow and Serena are the big ones. Girls who barely get involved in Pokemon battles don't deserve to have competent Pokemon it just doesn't make sense. Also Lana to a lesser extent and I'm still mad she had Primarina at the end.
  11. Ubermuk

    Why doesn't Giovanni Actually fire Team Rocket Trio?

    Good thing they're not the mafia then lol. They're more like the yakuza in incompetent Pokemon form. Giovanni doesn't seem like he pays that much attention to what his henchmen do anyways so it's unsurprising that the dude didn't fire them before. In fact in that Delibird episode from Johto we...
  12. Ubermuk

    Stairway To Devon! (293)

    It's funny how he only got a passing mention here even though his dad was on screen for like half the episode. Also it sucks that the Team Aqua grunt never played a bigger part after he disappeared into Team Aqua's submarine in a later episode...
  13. Ubermuk

    Is volkner e4 level

    Elite Four level in the Sunyshore episodes? I don't think so otherwise I don't think Ash would've beaten him. But by now the dude is definitely a contender for that tier level. :D
  14. Ubermuk

    Ash vs Tobias, what went wrong?

    What went wrong? I think the pacing of the show back then is the main reason why we got Tobias. The writing team probably ran out of time and realized that the Sinnoh league wasn't going to have enough episodes to flesh out Ash's dream killer so they quickly came up with Tobias and left it at...
  15. Ubermuk

    What do you think of the Battle Chatelaines?

    They were unmemorable both in designs and teams. The Hoenn Frontier Brains had more charisma than the Chatelaines and that's just another reason why I was mad when we got the Chatelaines in ORAS instead of the good ol' Frontier Brains...