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  • It sounds nice. I would like to try gardening also. ^_^

    Alright. Now I know it.

    Thanks! :D If the scanner works, I'm going to make an art thread.

    BTW, have you seen the pictures now?

    "personalities"(sorry I couldn't resist :P). I understand (I like metrosexuals ^_^, because they are opposites of my male relatives ).

    I know. <3 Scotland has deciduous forests and not boring pinewoods.

    Well, at least where I live, there isn't rained much (on this spring/summer) and on the last summer there weren't much of thunderstorms. :( I love thunderstorms.

    Nice <3, nearly everyone of the people I talk with, has cat(s). =^_^=

    Ohh, I believe they are really lovely. ^_^
    Could you sent a photo of them for me via PM?

    Here should be photos of my hamster:

    Thank you! <3 *hugs you and your pets*
    I think I started to learn it when I began to watch my b.brother's playing on computer. I was like 5 years old then.
    I began to study it on school when I was on 3th grade (9 years old).
    So I have studied English nearly 6 years or so.
    Job?! I have never had a (real) job and I have a long summer holiday now. ^_^'

    Never mind. I understand. ^_^
    Everyone seems to like at James. 0_o I wonder why.

    Anyway, yes he (Saturn) is cool, handsome, awesome and cute <3 Toxicity(=Satty+Toxic) shipping is awesome too. I have drawn pictures of Croa/Toxic, they are (or at least should be) in the Croagunk/Toxicroak club, so please, go to check them when you have time. ^_^

    What?! Saturn is like james? Ehh...I don't understand. ^_^' Could you please, tell me how they are similar?

    Yes, they often say that Finland is beautiful, but I don't really agree with them.
    The landscape is boring (pineforests, fields, lakes). I just don't like it.

    I'm sure Scotland is a lot better. :)

    BTW, do you have any pets?

    I have a cute, one-year old, male hamster named (Delfoin) Zadi.
    Okay. ^_^ I understand.

    Yes. Saturn from TG is MY lovey-dovey *hugs him*. What I have read, Saturn was Roman's god and the ancient people started to have a Saturn party on every week (or so). And planets are named after Roman's gods. Yippii! Let's have a party, Saturn!

    Weird? Yes, he looks like a metrosexual and a transsexual (I think that was the word for a human who looks like a man and a woman) . So good-looking and cute.

    I would like to visit in Scotland. It's so beautiful place (country).
    Ehh...Okay. ^_^'

    You can read it from my profile, but anyway I'm from Finland (I will move away when I'm big and I have a lot of money), me is 14 and a fan of both (but Finnish dub has went bad, now the voice actors are bad and it comes 7.45 or so (I like to sleep to 11 on Saturday mornings) (BTW, Saturday comes from Saturn, my lovey-dovey ^_^) and they like to skip some episodes.) So I haven't watched the (Finnish) show for months.

    How about you?
    Hi! ^_^

    Great to meet you too.

    It depends on what we are talking about. My PM box is 90% ( I have to delete some messages soon) so I would like to use Visitor Messaging, but if we will talk about like "more personalic" things then I want to use Private Messaging.

    Okay, if there's not much saying and not "personalic things" use VM if there is use PM.
    hey if your points dont go up once you do a survey is because 1 you did them wrong or 2 you have to wait a while for it to process.so dont worry.
    ive gotten Mario kart wii, smash brothers brawl, o-parts hunter vol1 and 5 wii points cards.the o-parts hunter has yet to come.and ive done 65 surveys.doesnt seem like alot but ive gotten some points by referrals.
    x-box sucks. all i ever will need is the ps3. just go onto the adoption thread and tell the owner that i adoped you
    Storyline to introduce Darkrai into definitly. Other than that maybe a change in the admin battles as well.
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