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  • I see.
    I don't think it's not Gary or another supporting character, but May or Lana is quite possible too.

    So some japanese already bind Piplup species with Dawn.
    By your logic, Eevee and Piplup represent Serena and Dawn.
    If we consider Serena as the Night, then Dawn comes after the Night... That is why the Pokemon company PRs both of them.
    Well that would good, but noy necessarily, remember that Gary May and now Lana owns a eevee too

    Buy thats good because that means that Serena not have a super popular pokemon exclusive for her and thay eevee evolves too and braixen and pancham are so far to be popular as pikachu or piplup
    And besides that the movie 20 has a really good reception in Japan many japaneses complained that in the movie appears a piplup that is not Dawn's piplup, that mean if the anime staff wants to put a piplup in the galar anime that piplup eould to have Dawn's piplup... and Dawn of course
    *disclaim Braixen and Pancham are NOT so popular as pikachu or piplup
    So you're a Dragon Ball fan then, which series is your favorite? I've only seen Z Kai and GT, but I mostly like Z Kai.
    could you put your post in spoiler tags?....ivan takes spoilers too serious
    the topic can be out of the spoiler tags.
    by the way,I saw that...I'm definitely excited to see how this koffing will be ^^ also I pray for her to have an ekans(team rocket all over again)
    I'm sorry,but I think it is edited...now that I looked more closely,I could see some edited pixels in Hikari's hair.I think the original scene is Satoshi standing there,but Hikari could be alittle farther...they just moved her closer.
    It is my opinion,maybe my senses aren't that accurate
    hi UDI,i didnt understood your post hahaha
    but now it makes sense,but...
    I feel ashamed of myself,I can't remember when...and I do keep track of details.=(
    But I can throw you a bone,It is post DP121(I think that's when it got conversion to 16:9 format),the image is widescreen quality.i hope I helped at least a bit...
    UDI :) , welcome back old friend. I just have a request for you. Can you kindly put that information of Dawn being in Hoenn under a spoiler tag? Ivanaipom93 has a code against spoilers and dawn's special didnt air in Italy. I was hoping you would understand.
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