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  • You're welcome, and I apologize that I've been absent from Serebii for a while. I've graduated grad school, moved twice, started a job, and started volunteering twice a week since May. So Serebii and my trade shop have kind of fallen behind. I feel bad about it, but real life > the Internet, so ce'st la vie, I guess. I'm grateful that you've been so patient and haven't gotten frustrated or upset with me. Pokemon is just a hobby, after all :)
    Hey Ulrik! I have all of your HA Dream Ball females ready for trade! I don't have Dream Ball Timburr (it's not even on my list), but all of the rest are ready for you. Let me know when you can trade!
    I saw you have a female dw dratini that i'm hunting for but i only have female dw eevee and gligar which you already have and a dw houndoom which you props won't want. I have a few EV trained level 100's though that I'll be willing to trade if you're up for it?
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