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Ultimate Dragon Knight

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  • no not really , but I'm allowing it for now as their leader who usually updates their thread has been gone alot lately.
    We cant connect and I cant use PO, and frankly Im just tired of it. Just give the battle to Neo.(not like its gonna make a difference, Gamefreaks still gonna destroy) But, yeah just give it to him.
    I will tomorrow promise!
    I'm just about to go out to a new years party :)

    Also please can I have the link to the chat
    Sorry I wasn't on xat last night. I wasn't at home by then and when I got home, I fell asleep. Anyways, my opponent hasn't been on since the 16th. I'll try PMing him about our battle.
    i read what u siad along with ger and white, thank you for being so kind to me. Like i siad before, u guys got me through some hard times, however, my decision is final. I've had problems with the osl ever since they trolled and destroyed the first clan i was in, and i refuse to continue to be harassed and unfairly treated by those hyprocrites who think they have power becuase they play a child's game well. Im not going on chat anymore nor will i join another clan. Thanks for hearing me out and peace
    lol, well I can see exactly wheres hes comming from it was a very odd phenominon that greatly changed the battle. And theres no explanation for it. So please give him my greatest respects, because I would have reacted in a similar manor. But on another note, Im now with Neodarkrai, right? OH, and I would still like to battle you one day since ours was cut short.
    Theres not much to it, he had a few calm minds, i used meteor a few times. Then one time i get a critical hit and kill it. Just an unfortunate hax.
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