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  • Oh, theres an issue with this; I only battle on geno 6 :p aha....Oh well, maybe we can talk about the pokemon anime instead? Whats your favorite class mate of ash's in sun and moon?
    Awesome. I would like to battle you sometime too :3 there is really only one person i battle with on here right now XD
    Guys enter your regional championship in Pokemon. If you don't make it into at least the best 16, you are more worse than Ash.
    Might possibly be one of the best posts on the anime forum of all time
    There was a kind of a interview or a tweet with/of the lead writer for the DP series and IIRC also the character centrics writer of Dawn where they stated that they wanted to end Ash's journey and start a new series with a new set of characters with a new protagonist and two other.

    That would explain the sudden ending without something that are connecting both DP and BW and the sudden appearance of Takato/Tobias.

    Quite a time ago. Maybe I will find it that tweet.
    Pardon me for jumping in like that. But in strongest traveling companion thread you stated something which got my attention. Where did you heard that Sinnoh was intended to be last pokemon region ending series with it?

    Is there any interview with writers or blog confirming this. Im just curious, because im hearing this for first time.
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