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Last Activity:
Apr 25, 2015
Sep 11, 2010
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Experienced Trainer, from USA

UltimatePokemonExpert was last seen:
Apr 25, 2015
    1. kisspower12
      Is it okay if I ask you sone questions about your christianity?
    2. SkyDriver
      Hello, I saw in your sig some pokes you wanted and I have Shaymin and Deoxys for you.

      They're for free (legit, just cloned), but I can only trade when at my grandparent's house, where I may be tomorrow, otherwise not untill the end of August. Please let me know if you want them :)
    3. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      You said you wanted me to let you know whenever I started writing something new, right? Well...
    4. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      Hey, just wanted to let you know, Chapter 24 of 404 Error is up. You apparently exceeded your quota of stored PMs, so I couldn't get a PM to you.
    5. Doodlebug
      i guess he acts like that to cover up his lonlienss? :|
    6. Doodlebug
      hn agreed....but i still like him :) i think my least fav is emerald.......he just seems like a brat to me but i cant really say....
    7. Doodlebug
      Lol yeah Green is awesome....
      1. Silver
      2. Green
      3. Blue
      4. Gold
      ;D but its so hard to decide cuz they're all awesome....
    8. Doodlebug
      IKR! she can read minds.......and she wears yellow ;) plus her ponytail and straw hat are awesome
      who's ur fav. character?
    9. Doodlebug
      Oh, that's hard.....i love all of them, but i guess- either FRLG or GSC ^^
    10. Doodlebug
      hey! ;) no, i don't mind.....
      well i saw we had things in common like we are both christians and both togetic..8D
    11. SerenadeSP
      Haha, yeah I feel the same way. Josh'll get better, but not for a while.
    12. SerenadeSP
      Thanks. :) What do you like it about it so far?
    13. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      Well, I'm not exactly the best at rating fanfic chapters, but sure, I'll rate it when you get the first chapter out.

      And before you ask, the next chapter of The Epic of Epicness will either be out today or tomorrow. Monday at the very latest.
    14. Sadib
      I'm a Muslim, but I also attend a Bible Study group because I like learning about other religions
    15. Sadib
      You should really change your sig from "it's not a religion" to "it's not only a religion."
    16. WillieNelson
      I don't know when my wi-fi will be up, I'll vm you when it is ready.
    17. WillieNelson
      Well that's OK, I just need them for dex.
    18. WillieNelson
      Are Kyogre and Groudon in gen 4 or 5? (I need Groudon for HeartGold to get Rayquaza)
    19. WillieNelson
      I can get you a Dialga and Palkia when I get wi-fi, what do you have to offer?
    20. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      No thanks. I prefer shinies that I get myself. I appreciate the offer, though.
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Hello! My real first name is Andres and I love Pokemon!

    Pokemon, Video Games, Yugioh, Carfight!! Vanguard, Minecraft


    † I am a Christian and proud of it! Copy and paste this if you are too.†


    Christianity is a Relationship with our true God, Jesus. It's not a Religion. Copy and paste If you agree

    Registeel is mine, yay! ;379;

    Adventure of Adventureness & Awesome of Awesomeness: Smashing the 4th wall into gazillion pieces since 2010. ;110; - Sig too long, so Mod a cropped it