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  • Hey I remember back in 2016 you were asking me about 5iLver. Sadly I haven’t heard from her since 2012. I could never find her email address and she hasn’t shown up on serebii or gpxplus. She was one of the best friends I met on serebii. It’s amazing to this day I still think about her.

    How have you been doing? It’s been a lot of crazy events going on lately.
    That was little bit tooo late but all I will say: Heracross was better to rampage through gyms than Bulbasaur since Bulbasaur also rampaged through gyms in Kanto.. and many other mons,why not Heracross?
    Still Heracross got Oak'd instead of his Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur should be Oak's and Heracross to fight in many gyms in Johto.
    Umbilical Noose
    I don't know what you are talking about. Kanto was mostly about pity badges. Rampaging means one Pokemon getting most of the wins like Chimchar.
    Not only gym badges but Bulbasaur got rampaged through other battles in Kanto aswell and in Orange Leagues. Heracross got Oak'd immediately IIRC.So, Heracross should've been in Johto instead of Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur should've been Oak'd in the end of OI arc.
    Hey. Barely, I watched like 10 episodes this region, I've been watching these last ones from the league mostly. I always see the episode pictures though.
    Umbilical Noose
    I don't even watch the pictures anymore. I read the summaries for the league. The finals battles sounded nice. Will you give Sword and Shield a try?
    Dunno, I'll have to see if it is interesting, I may check out some episodes.
    Hey. Sorry I haven't been logging in here. Posted something after atleast 2-3 years today -_- Sorry for replying after almost a year man ;-; Keeping in touch on SPPf is tough
    Hey mate how are things? Hardly ever logged in anymore so only seeing your message now. Still playing everything nd watching anime though haha

    I'm a member ten years this month. Wow
    Yea man the way pikachu handled tyranitar and metagross was badass. And still handled charizard before he lost!

    Yea I'm not a big fan of iris but they should have kept the roll going. Sorry I didn't understand what you said about Serena lol. Please explain again. I'm wondering if she'll show up in alola.

    That's good that you're keeping up with the episodes. I've been falling behind but I'm currently watching the new episodes that are coming out. I still need to see the episodes like when ash battled the guy with the hariyama. Man I just HAD the feeling ash would get roxkruff!
    I still strongly believe how in longer run paying more attention to past and continuity directing pokemon series to broader demographic outside of little kids., Like older generations of fans through moving Ash forward making something meaningful out of his long journey(like finally winning one league and unlocking next steps in his journey to reach his goal), building up on previous plots treating pokemon regions interconnected between themselves like were still following story set in same universe and timeline. As well returning older fan favorites in new updated forms, having them play new roles in pokemon plot and giving continuation of their adventures would inject much needed energy, enthusiasm and appreciation for pokemon series attracting more of older fans.

    Increasing ratings and helping improve bad reputation pokemon anime has right now restoring fans faith in writers and anime they mostly feel indifferent about. Despising direction it follows losing main objective of what this anime used to be about.

    But those in charge clearly cannot see productivity behind such move or don't want to being too much lulled in false sense of security connected to status quo.
    I feel your pain man. I cannot understand how can there exist so much hypocrisy and double standards in this fandom. People complain about lack of strong, competent females in pokemon anime who can take care of themselves and aren't damsel in distress. Yet when anime tries this its hated and looked down upon(Iris is good example or massive drop in popularity for once globally successful character like Misty).

    Its like people themselves cannot make up their minds in what they truly want. Or their thirst for strong, assertive girls applies to anime fiving such females in form of antagonists and rivals. Someone to hate and bring antithesis to Ash and female protagonist themselves. Protagonists from who in this times its expected that they act like stepford wives. Being girly, happy go lucky, always polite and submissive and all over cute and sparkly stuff.

    At least when newer fans are in question who grew up with such tv trope archetypes. Many older fans still recognize and appreciate vale, appeal and redeeming qualities of adventurous, bold and more oriented toward battling, entering dangerous situations to resolve problems and self sufficient characters.

    But in general expectations and standards instead of going forward are regressing and gravitating toward some past, less commendable times.
    Sorry, things came up so i had no time to reply sooner. Yea i know, in general way we perceive world, people and things around us seem different. It was easier for us to get excited about smallest things(like toy, candy, walk in park or something) being more how to say innocent and carefree. Not to mention we had much less work and obligations to deal with(aside from school) having more time for ourselves, friends, playing and having fun.

    In adult world things become more complicated, there is more work and responsibilities. Leaving us at times with very little time for anything else. And even when we find some leisure space, it passes much quicker due to being pressured with other obligations forgetting how to enjoy in our fun, free time. Not always, but it can be case more often than we are willing to admit to ourselves.

    Hmm, you told me that you'll let me to guess from where you are haha. You know can you at least make it easier by leading me to right track by saying from which continent you are? Im guessing it could be maybe Europe, but im not sure.

    Oh yes definitely. Once you miss on basics or your knowledge of roots start to fade away that's when problems start to arise. Not just in math, but foreign language, engineering, geography, all kind of stuff,. If you don't practice and nurture basics in some field on regular basis tooth of time will start doing its job eroding on your memory and skills growing gradually fainter.

    Hmm, good question. Om not exactly sure how can someone become moderator in here lol. It used to be about staff themselves in case of shortage of mods picking some members as candidates to join team. Based on their past record, conduct of behavior, how frequent you are on this forums, obedient to rules and exemplary. So i imagine that still applies unless something changed in meantime.
    Most definitely, if families who own business specialized in old arts and crafts don't spread knowledge and skills to newer generations outside of their family. To people who may be interested in it, but don't come from such surroundings, whole knowledge and many artisan professions may die out in near future. And that's sad because demand for them is big but number of people trained for this job is in big deficit with market suffering shortage of artisans.

    In not just old crafts, but many mandatory for normal functioning of society as well. Like plumbers, electricians etc. But that has also to do a lot with many of younger generations not being interested in this occupations studying something else being more lenient toward office jobs or something. Even though often artisan earns monthly more money than someone with college degree. Exactly because of shortage of such workers on market always having big enough clientele and through reputation their services getting increased for accomplished job.

    Ah pokemon, the ever so painful subject. Its anime from my childhood and I have soft place for it, but with way things are going, total disrespect showed for history and fans its hard to remain invested in it. Its presented as anime with one big adventure following journey of Ash and his friends to reach goal, teaches about friendship and string bonds. Loyalty and hard work.

    But it everything stays on empty words and false promises. How it couldn't be, when it has little to zero references to past, previous important major characters and their started plots and development being abandoned making their influence in this show irrelevant and pointless.

    It sets clock of character development and story build up to beginning and destroys legacy from past times by denying it of any real continuity.
    Turning once good anime with great potential and so many opportunities to joke with no real objective, direction and identity. Sad how low this show has got, shame.
    Racism is plague infecting human society for very long time. Too long with no end in sight sadly. Fact that Trump is president of superpower like USA tells a lot in how much xenophobia and racism has taken place. Than again Trump isn't most normal person in world, his extreme decisions are dividing his country society with many disagreeing with his policy. Yea I read it and double standards and hypocrisy prevailing in this fandom is overwhelming. No, you definitely hit nail on the head with that post mate. Sexism is apparent lately.

    Its like tough, strong independent girls who can stand up for themselves, not be doormats and be confident are not anymore what's considered pleasant and acceptable for today generations of fans.

    Yet girly girls full of insecurities, always smiling never using sarcasm or getting in clash with others being submissive is new set of standards which is asked today. Especially in Japan, but in west its starting to be trend a lot more than it was the case before. Characterization from 90's when girls in anime and TV shows were portrayed as more assertive, sometime tomboyish and having self preservation and strong identity straying away from decades old stereotypes attributive for 19th and first half of 20th century is not anymore popular im afraid. Fact that someone with so much depth and variety of emotions like Misty who was immensely popular in 90's, early 21st century is now at bottom with Iris and other more of feisty female characters says a lot(trust me as apsurd as it may be Misty is not anymore who you could call popular character, not with what i saw in past 2 to 3 years all over the internet). Nowadays if girl doesn't act like Dawn or Serena, Lillie she is not liked and barely has any following and appreciation with fans developing distorted image of what's considered good reflection of someone character(no middle ground existing apparently).
    Na its all good. It takes me sometime quite a bit of time to reply myself. I have been overloaded with responsibilities for this week, so couldn't get back to you in time. Sorry.

    Cool, ill check it out and see if its of help for me. I heard about online courses and such in learning foreign languages, but never had time or to be more honest enough motivation to get myself into this. But yea if I want to get better I need to try out new methods and approach. That's the only way to evolve and be better. Thanks for recommendation.:)

    Hmm, so your sister works as translator? Whatever she is doing, I can tell she has very practical and wide knowledge in languages based on what I hear. Many people don't speak more than two languages(in Croatia either English or Italian is usually people second language next to native one). Often some know only their native language. So knowing 5 is definitely a big feat.

    Oh its fine, ill gladly answer you, It was more combination of various illnesses. In 7th grade(our education system has 8 grades of Elementary School)I had pretty nasty pneumonia not being able to go to school for 2 months. And during that period I skipped lot of elementary, crucial knowledge required for what was learned later(especially in High school). In 8th grade i broke arm and had a flue, cold too skipping school for quite a bit of time as well. Sure i attended instructions and tried to catch up, but combine my lack of talent for math with missing on some important lectures and that was in nutshell crux of why i had fairly poor results in this subject.
    Ah im doing good. Still in search for a new job, volunteering in that association i talked you about. And catching a break in between. Im thinking more deeply about future, to move on from home becoming more independent. But also thinking of taking course in web design,nursing or something to have extra occupation in my CV(curriculum vitae). If nothing than to be more competitive in labor market having greater chances of finding job. Though still taking time to sort my thoughts and decide what.
    I think in general its pretty outrageous and sad how much of gap there exists between rich and poor people. Few days ago i heard how 10 people in world hold wealth and money which is greater than what half of entire planet earth population has. And that gap in rich becoming even richer to incredibly apsurd levels, while poor become even poorer leading to starvation, lose of homes, death etc is getting bigger and bigger.

    Whole economy, distribution of capital and money, finance system etc is full of holes being wrong on many levels. Yet political establishment does nothing to try and rectify that building step toward hunger and poverty at very least being decreased.

    Back to pokemon wanna know what's even more apsurd? That games and manga have far more continuity and respect for history and roots than pokemon anime has not even trying. If world tournament in bBW2. return of older gym leaders, NPC characters etc in later generations, their revision of roots through older games remakes etc is something to go by., When pokemon games have more continuity and revisit of past than anime itself that becomes a big problem.

    So your practicing meditation? That's pretty cool, congrats mate. I used to attend yoga classes with meditation and it can be great way to explore yourself on deeper level. Helps you clear up of negative thoughts and stress becoming more relaxed, collected and aware of surrounding. Afterwards i started noticing details i wasn't paying attention to before and its amazing how effective and profound eastern techniques can be,. West could learn a lot more from Chinese, Japanese etc teachings, their philosophy toward nature and life. Most importantly medicine, ways to establish balance of body and mind with so many things still being mystery. Thank for your offer, if i decide to start practicing mindfulness meditation ill ask you for help and guide.;)
    Speaking of friendships well sometimes no matter how much you try, if other side don't respond. Dont have any incentive and desire to strengthen or restore relationship. Than its a futile work unfortunately, because for any kind of relationship including friendship two way direction is needed. Friendship needs to be nurtured, water with love, trust and moral support just like you do with watering plants. In order to survive and have foundation to keep growing.

    Otherwise its destined to fail and dry out leading to apathy and eventually lose of every contact unfortunately. If you and others did everything from your side to stay in contact wit others, tried to meet up again etc. And yet other side still doesn't answer and try to get away with constant excuses,. Than the blame is solely on them and not you mate. Because you know you tried not wanting that things end up like this.:)

    I think in general its very wrong and ignorant to judge anyone based on nationality, race or religion. Im sorry to hear that you lost a friend because of this, and to be honest that wasn't your "real friend" to begin with if he/she judged you and abandoned for such shallows and unjustified reasons.

    Yea i guess that's o ne way to look at whole issue of younger generations not wanting to continue family tradition. They feel burdened and oppressed with high expectations feeling like their own ideals and dreams are that way trying to be suffocated. Which many older people even if that may not be their intention unintentionally do causing kids or even grandkids to distance away from old arts and crafts.

    Than again as side effect as more and more family business die out, whole community identity and cultural aspects are in danger of being lost and forgotten. Things are definitely not black and white in here but i guess future will show what will come out of it.
    Hey there, my apologies for late reply but I had no time to answer before.:)
    True, true. That's why my brother when he can travels to England or Ireland, Spain to get more in touch with local vocabulary and speak with native speakers. He was on Erasmus trip when ne was still a student in Spain living and talking regularly with local residents, visited Spain as tourist and went on business trips to England which helped him immensely. After all if you wanna get better and evo e in acquiring foreign languages properly that's the best way to do it.;) Im currently a bit low on financial resources and have other things to worry about so i haven't traveled there, but if opportunity arises im planning to.

    Oh your sister speaks 5 languages? Omg that's very impressive, so she is multilingual? That can be very helpful skill to have being easier to overcome language barriers, give you advantage when searching for job or starting some project etc.

    Aha so Mary Ann was more of realist you could say? In some aspects, actually many i would say she was born before her time having advanced viewpoints on world, gender equality , literature and in general worldview. I admit i haven't read "Mill on the Floss!", but I might to. Repertoar of her works did sparked my interest, especially after researching a bit about background.:)

    Math, haha tell me about it. It was one of hardest school subjects i had. Gave me lot of trouble and i guess i never had lot of talent for it. Although in my elementary school i was sick quite often causing me to skip some crucial parts of it. Later having to catch up and lacking foreknowledge to comprehend easier more advanced equations and formulas. So that may have played a factor in my subpar math skills too.
    No I've noticed they do less and less references as the regions go by. I've noticed it since the sinnoh region. I really miss the old characters but yea they want to move on. They didn't even show iris meeting with ash in kalos and I don't think Serena will be in alola. It's what it is I guess lol.

    I need to see the episode. I've been falling behind a bit. No and it's about time they stop resetting pikachu. I've noticed since kalos they stopped doing that.
    Happy new year to you too! Sorry it's taken a while to reply, but I'm doing really good thankyou :) Currently recovering well from a double lung-transplant so life is good! :) Hope you're doing okay.
    Discrepancy between society classes is only becoming bigger and bigger. With rich people becoming richer, while poor poorer. "Talking about justice". Today capitalism became rotten and filled with corruption. Granted in here its not nearly as bad as its in USA(we our somewhere between capitalism and social country with some services being free/guaranteed by government like healthcare), but our politicians are trying to get there adulating to corporations.

    Speaking of pokemon i know. Older fans are not demographic writers and directors of this anime care about or pay much attention too. But they are failing to keep, let alone attract enough of younger audience as well. Having completely missed and bad strategy in how to turn pokemon series in more attracting and satisfying product. And exactly because of treating loyal audience who was there during pokemon golden age as irrelevant trash, this show has ratings , dwindling popularity and reputation it has now.

    Im not even sure if Misty will even be in upcoming movie. She should and it would be illogical to exclude her out, but after so many disappointments, writers attempts to retcon Ash history(like Serena inclusion in his early childhood)with Misty legacy being completely undermined and abandoned. Im on highly cautious side not expecting much anymore, but positive surprise for a change would be nice.
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