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  • Ups I strayed away abit from topic. But whatever you pick mate, I know you will do a great job. Just be yourself, relaxed and don't force yourself. But let ideas and thoughts in how to do this come to you. They will eventually.:) Regarding Tolstoy, true very true. He can be a rather acquired taste., His works can be tough to go through, but I can see why he acquired such a big reputation being one of greatest writers ever. Due to his peculiar and often intrinsic style.

    Hmm i don't know what to say mate about your situation with one of friends your having. To live rather relatively close to you and somehow always having excuse to not meet and catch up on missed time is odd. It gives away impression of not viewing you as friend anymore not wanting to have any business with people he or she used to know. But than again maybe something always comes up opposite to his desires not having time. I dunno, sometime things aren't as they seem if i may speak from my personal experience. Relationships between humans, be that relatives, romantic interest or friends can be complicated.

    What i do know though is that with true, close friends even if life spills out cards that they are separated miles away. Not being able to see each other regularly. Their relationship and bonds remain just as strong as they were before having to move away finding out how their friendship despite big distance remained as powerful as it used to be. Making moment of reunion eventually arranging and prioritizing things to be able to see each other again all that more special.

    In life its very hard to find and establish such friendships. But once you do if you nurture them being considerate toward what you have they can last for a lifetime.
    Ah so your keeping it a secret? That's ok i guess hehe. Although i have few guesses from where you might be.:p
    Yea i guess that's to be expected. Similar to life cycle, as new stuff comes in older is bound to end up replaced and surpassed. Remakes can help a bit in breathing more life in older pokemon through new moves and abilities. But newer pokemon with more effective stats, stamina etc would naturally be picked over something which while could be decent does not satisfy current demand. Still from what i hear it seems Starmie has aged pretty well despite coming from 20 years ago haha.

    I know, that's a very wise and efficient advice. I have younger brother studying English and learning other languages like Spanish, and unlike our native language. If you don't nurture and cultivate second, third etc language with proper care. Investing in your knowledge, practicing it at least on semi frequent basis. You start to forget things, vocabulary, grammar and thinking patterns get rusty struggling to organize words in your head both from writing, but talking as well. Since first signs of deterioration from inactive use of foreign language appear in speaking and . That's kinda issue im having, since most of my English use comes from reading books or watching movies in English. As well writing messages. But speech production is more rare not having opportunity or not being in position to practice it on regular basis. Reflecting on my proficiency and fluent speaking of secondary language.

    That sounds intriguing. Yea George Elliot is viable option too. Or to be precise Mary Ann.:) She wrote many great novels trying to do what she enjoyed in despite living ibn time where prejudices and disparage of women and their capabilities in society was high. In female authors literature works usually not being taken seriously and with good dose of gird. Because "man are superior in everything". I may be a guy, but it frustrates me with what kind of ******** lot of girls and women from past times had to deal with being needed to work thrice as much to have even chance to be heard out there.
    Of course not. I always enjoy hearing opinions that are different then mine, especially on the matter of Pokemon.
    I once was part of a mono league, then they got mad at me and was booted... that was a nice year though. Not sure if they still exist, but I really miss those guys : / I figured out that the main cause of my anger wasn't so much my losing, so much as I have too much pride in myself despite having not earned that high standard. So I've really been having fun just battling in and of itself. Ribombee hits 124 base speed, it's fragile, but Bug/Fairy isn't that bad.

    Mallow seemingly was set for major appearances from the first 4 episodes of Sun and Moon, now she's background material it seems. Can't blame the Lillie pandering though, she's everywhere in the game too
    Don't worry I'm in the same boat as well with being busy.

    Yea he lost unfortunately but he was really close at winning. But now we know it was that mega ring that made his charizard unbelievably strong like that. But anyways hopefully better luck next time.

    I have to admit sun and moon is not as bad as I thought. I thought the whole going to school and ash looking like THAT was a bad idea but it's not as bad as I though. I like the series so far. I do still miss his kalos though. And yes they need to do the old references because I've noticed the old references don't happen much anymore. I don't recall any old references happening in kalos at all. All I heard in this new saga so far was ash mentioning his Tauros. We'll see how this turns out
    I'm on and off at PS, depends on how much I want my butt handed to me on any given day I suppose. Someone asked me to a Smogon account once, wasn't sure if I wanted to, so I still haven't done so. I think what surprises me so much about this generation is how polarizing the Speed tier got after multiple gens with high Speed Pokemon. Anyway, yeah, I'm keeping up with SM anime, I like it honestly.
    Of course not, don't be silly :p.

    But seriously, while I was hoping Pokémon to become more of an episodic slice-of-life deal and I'm glad that SM is doing that, the animation style and characters don't interest me at all. So I won't be bothering the upcoming merchandise for this series as well.

    I'll probably post randomly from time to time, but I will be even less engaged with this series than I was with XY.
    "Happy New Year" to you as well.

    And yes my name is Supratim.
    Also i don't really mind if people forget my name, since people rarely are able to either remember my name or properly pronounce it. Mostly people call me by my surname.
    So, you being able to remember my given name is in a way rare.
    Yeah! Happy new year as well! I only got back to the forums yesterday, so didn't get round to much cheers as I used to.

    How was your holiday period? Mine was a mixed bag of sorts. Christmas didn't go as planned as my kid got down with a fever due to toothing and what turned out to be chickenpox, we didn't even make it to Christmasdinner at my parents house because he was feeling that badly. Boxingday ended up being a lot better due to the kid being on some light medication suitable for babies.. Then we had to deal with the toothing pains and the chickenpox, which led to some very, very short nights.. Newyears eve was great, we had a few guests here and the kid actually slept through the fireworks until 11:50pm, so he even got to witness the clock hitting 00:00.

    Then I started Sun on January 1st..
    Happy New Year! May it be an amazing one! :D

    Good question...I think I just like the sound of Janovy better. In terms of Pokemon I love the entire evolutionary line. :D
    Thanks a lot man, much appreciated. Happy New Year to you as well!, Have all your wishes become true in this one.:)

    p.s. No problem, i understand and can wait.
    Back to Pokemon, those in charge obviously know nothing about how to build loyalty and reputation among their viewers. Sticking with series even after becoming adults and thanks to stable story which builds on itself, significant continuity, well organized character development and new plot ideas creating ground in having easier time in alluring new viewers back into it. Especially in today market where huge number if shows with similar theme like Pokemon are fighting for viewers attention. And having anime like Pokemon with disconnected adventure, static main protagonist, no bridges left to connerct presence with past in form of keeping older major characters and pokemon relevant. There's not much to offer for people im afraid. Producers and writers could learn a lot about this things from those in charge of "One Piece!", "Fairy Tail!", "Dragon Ball!" etc. Or how to mark big milestone like anniversaries in proper way as examples like Dragon Ball Super, Digimon Tri Adventure, Yugioh Dark Side of Dimensions are/were doing.

    Because pokemon anime has reputation of trash, joke nowadays followed by bad ratings, low interest and less than decent quality overall when inspecting series as whole(and not just individually considering every new saga as self contained universe and story).
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