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  • Yea that's i guess good thing. Since life will give you chances to meet new people becoming potentially good friends. Although if there exists way and possibility to maintain older friendships i try to stick to them as well.:) Especially if we passed lot of both good and bad moments together, have interesting views on world and managed to click of well. Its not always easy, even more so in my case but at least new technologies do make it possible to stay in contact through internet at very least. Despite not being the same as hanging around in person and having good time. So in that regards you are in yea you could say more advantageous position due to being in same country hehe. Speaking of which where are you from again? Sorry i forgot.

    Thing with employment in my country is aide from bad economy fact that many older career choices are dying out with market not having any need for them becoming less competitive. So frequent professional advanced studies or prequalification are a must(Croatia is after all very small country, one of smallest in EU having to rely on tourism and in production on products of very high quality products which insist lot of knowledge, money, time and effort to break into global market). Another issue is that most employers even when they give you job its only temporarily(for few months at top). With no one hiring you permanently due to lack of funds, uncertain situation regarding global economy, stock market, bank loans and such. Recession which hit whole world years ago was one of major reasons behind that causing mess its present right now lol. Yes, most vacancies are organized through public tenders. Consisting of job interviews, professional evaluation depending on job your applying for etc. There do exist government measures for unemployed people too through Public works(where government subsidize your paycheck to certain percent when employer hires you). But those are only temporary jobs as well having short lifespan.
    To be honest, I haven't played pokemon consistently for almost 7 years lol. Its been a very long time, so im kinda out of loop about competitive battles, meta, team choices, new strategies etc. Back in days i recall Starmie used to be considered as one of top tier pokemon for competitive battling,. I guess its not nowadays haha? Thanks for info mate, ill check it out and see if it suits my taste when i find time.

    Thank you very much. Its nice to hear that someone thinks im speaking English relatively well.:) Especially when i consider my grammar and sentence structure to be pretty awful haha. But yea im practicing trying to be better at it, but due to real life constraints and other stuff i don't find as much time as i should or wanted to. Oh what you mentioned sounds very interesting to me. Are you studying Literature perhaps? Yea Sir Arthur Conan Doyle holds high reputation as writer for his creativity, sharp writing style and suspense in crime novels. I always found fascinating ho after enormous public pressure in reviving Sherlock Holmes after he was given conclusion, he managed to bring it back in relatively good way still continuing with stories which were satisfying to read. Not every writer can do that after feeling tired of certain genre and characters making it seem like he/she got burned out. :D But man Tolstoy has so many great works too(usually incredibly lengthy ones too haha, such as War and Peace, Anna Karenina etc). However i guess for your project only English writers comes in option?
    Currently im unemployed, My contract at association sadly expired and (new government set restrictions for how long people who use public works can be there). But im not giving up. Next year will im sure have more favorable options when it comes to employment. Well i hope so.
    In meantime im volunteering in that association when im available to have something to do haha. So im doing at least something in meantime getting myself occupied with before something concrete emerge on surface.

    Sun and Moon anime looks on first glance pretty entertaining. But more than once i got burned that way with first impressions being deceiving lol. So im staying on pretty cautious side for now before expressing full judgment. At very least Ash isn't reduced to total moron, whole set up of dedicating one episode at a time to one of his newly met friends instead all of them gives lot of breathing space to give proper focus and beginning of character development for each(be it Mallow, Lillie, lana or Kiawe), so that's promising start to say the least, But its at same time frustrating that such water rich region perfectly constructed for water specialist like Misty who could benefit ALOT from being there is going without her. Its not like she doesn't have unused potential and unfinished things in her story either being shame how this such a great opportunity where her comeback for more significant role would be unforced and logical is dropped in water. Yet fandom clearly missed on that not even thinking for second how instead of Lana Misty could've easily took up her place gaining more profound growth and stronger relationship formed with Ash due to history than new character ever could. Now that ship has obviously sailed away.
    Hey there, its been so long last time I heard from you. I hope you had a great time for Christmas mate.:) Its ok, sometime in whirlpool of obligations and challenges life sets in front of us we forget about other things or simply don't have enough propere time to divert our attention to them.

    Ah i see so your playing new pokemon games? Is Sun and Moon really that enticing plot wise as many say? Glad to hear you were given chance to meet up with older gang again. It can be really sad when moving to different country, changing careers, forming your own life and family kinda add up to everything making us distance away from our older friends. It can make you permeated with feel of guilt sometime for not trying to be more determined in keeping up strong contact, or becoming melancholic remembering all good times you had together wishing that they are part of your life currently too. In this urban way of living and world where everyone are so much focused on their careers, jobs, stress and obligations life sets in front of us, people forget what truly matters in life. So if you have chance to meet up with older friends again and maintain stronger contact building together new beautiful memories, than go for it mate. Do the best you can to preserve what you have, because life is too short and we have to take opportunity at every corner to enjoy in it as much as we can. Personally my contacts with crew from school kinda dissipated away. I rarely if ever see them(usual stuff, they're too busy, don't have time, live far away in another country etc). I wished i could change something about this, but its not so simple.
    I think he may actually have a shot at winning the league! He's gonna battle sawyer in the top 4 semifinals and I'm pretty sure he'll win. I don't see Ash-greninja topping off the next region and i HOPE it doesn't do another unova again. I've never seen any region more disgraceful than that. If he beats sawyer then he'll be battling Alain in the finals. I can't wait to see these battles!

    Yes I want to hear it too. I can't find her email address so I just gotta hope he'll come on gpx one day and surprise me.
    I was always big advocator for stable cast and strong continuity existing in pokemon anime. Because all this cast replacing and soft revamps are leading nowhere. I would have much rather prefered if pokemon as one of long running shows followed formula other shows out there did. Like One Piece, Dragon ball, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Bleach etc. In sense of building up on story of its main characters, keeping series filled with continuity and presence of previous friends giving audience opportunity to follow their favorites grow, advance forward and deal with issues in different stages of life becoming enriched with new skills, experiences and relevant. Instead of being treated like one trick phony with who writers just start something out,introduce plots surrounding him and introduce to viewers their personality just to seer everything ending dropped and unfinished in favor of new one defeating purpose behind their existence in first place. If everything writers established around them is going to be treated like it never happened or like his existence left none of impact on storyline rotting forgotten.

    That's not a way to build loyal fandom following anime you write fir, quality and meaningful storyline which feels connected going somewhere. And having main characters which mean something to overall universe and plot, thus being guarantee how their impact and involvement in story telling would count not fading away in oblivion. Like pokemon does becoming joke of anime sadly.
    My mistake, thought you were from USA. Situation with your friends is something majority of modern day people are experiencing. All that overtime work, straining yourself over the limits even if its ar cost of your own heath. Big demands existing on market, high expectations to get work done in shortest amount of time. Very fast way of living, all of this is taking toll on our mental balance, happiness, health, relationship with others and quality of living. Making you ask yourself; did our whole life turned in just a work? Because if it did, than that's just sad and pathetic. Because there is so much more life can offer for you to explore yourself as individual and enter all kind of positive sides this brings with itself. Than just completing tasks and aiming to be as productive as possible,

    Live life to the fullest, instead of living solely for career and work.

    When it comes to Iris im not sure where i stand with her, but i liked her personality. That wild, jungle aspect of hers, Deadpan snark, self independent nature knowing how to take care of herself and mistrustful attitude toward others. Taking time before she opens herself to strangers with one of unique things about her being existing connection to nature and instincts. Possessing gift in understanding and reach depth of dragon thoughts knowing what they think and how they feel. All of this were intriguing qualities having lot of potential to make meaningful story out of it. And even though writers wasted lot of that potential or just executed it poorly, Iris was far from being nowhere near as bad like most of pokemon fandom presents her out to be.
    Oh I know what you mean. Sometime you cannot know yourself how to act in certain situations without unintentionally offending someone. Though so far I didn't had negative experiences with disabled people being incredibly warm, kind and open minded. Naturally some can have tough character being grumpy and cynic. But most of them if someone offers help so far either accepted or let you know if they need it otr not in polite way. What's more gravely problem is amount of prejudices and judging they are exposed to by society with many having sadly very wrong picture of them, making them feel less worthy or isolated.

    Its sensitive subject, but at end of the day. I think we all should strive toward making such people feel equally worthy and accepted by surrounding. Compensating for certain handicap through other skills, insights and knowledge others perfectly healthy people could lack.

    Oh, so all martial arts are facing this problem? That's very sad to hear. Even more so because by not passing knowledge to younger generations and nurturing legacy of culture and tradition existing in society, nations are losing part of what defines them. Their identity and valuable cognitions and discoveries which discovered and founded our ancestors. I know what you mean. Nowadays everyone want to achieve results over night with minimum effort and time invested in learning something. But that way like its case with martial arts, you wont get anywhere. With people needing to understand how success don't come immediately and in order to truly master something and gain quality, profound education. There actually needs to pass some considerable amount of time to catch all strings and enrich yourself as person.

    As old saying goes:
    Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.
    Yea Ash really stepped his game up this saga! I'm glad too because in Unova it was terrible. Yea Ash really thrashed her good. I want to see how the whole Greninja thing turns out. I'm also wondering if Ash will ever have a 6th pokemon in his party.

    I did have her email address at one time but I can't retrieve it back. The only ways I know how to get to her are from here and other site(which she hasn't been on in almost 4 years). I will try to check my previous emails and see if there was a time I emailed her.
    Ah I see, I thought economy situation and life standard isn't exactly great where you live either. Your from USA right? Still today way of life became too fast and stressful, that's what many elders say when they recall of their youth and how it used to be before. To the point that if your not killing yourself from excessive work you can't hope for some significant success. I mean earning money and advancing in career is great. But some balance should exist leaving you just as much time to do other things you may like, dedicate yourself to friends and family, recharge batteries and overall sometime just relax and enjoy in life. Easier said than done though.

    But of course. Because of excessive cast replacing your literally depriving story your writing for of aby stability and fluidness. Since any friendship and created relationship between Ash and others, any story they started together and character development is flushed down the drain whenever new region starts. Experiencing semi reset and having scattered and shallow journey with no continuity and long lasting impact. Most of all by forgetting roots and those who were foundation on which pokemon anime was built and excelled in first place your literally burying identity and recognition this anime used to had. Fact that first pokemon girl(Misty) has been systematically forgotten and abandoned like she never existed for over a decade is shocking many older fans just proving how little those in charge of anime actually care about continuity, main characters and any influence presence of original characters like her left on anime.

    For those growing up with new sagas thats not something they view as bad thing, because they obviously don't understand long lasting consequences constant ignoring of history, previously accumulated growth and important figures in Ash life is leaving on Ash himself and story.
    Thanks. What I learned in working with them is how society can be awful and discriminatory toward many of them and its sad to hear their life stories of being viewed as "second class citizen", "when they are pity and demeaned by others as useless in helping to increase productivity". They don't ask themselves how are this people feeling when others avoid them like some plague.

    With many having wrong perception about them. Because they can definitely teach others alot about willpower, determination and faith in yourself not giving up regardless of their handicap.

    Putting to shame many perfectly healthy people out there who due to disinterest or laziness convinced themselves in belief how certain obstacles they face in life cannot be run over.

    Ah that's good to hear. So you have something like a plan B, in case job your doing don't go in line with your expectations? If I had something to fall back to i would be probably more relaxed about my situation. I mean in my country its not uncommon to see people in their twenties and thirties to still live with parents. Due to high rents and life expenses. Not having starting capital, enough money to buy or rent accomodation, pay overheads, taxes etc.
    So to many priority is to find stable and well paid job, just so they could save some money on side until they're ready to move out.

    Oh I didn't know situation was so alarming with some of Chinese martial arts. Even traditional ones. To be honest I didn't even know what JKD stand for until I researched about it. So Jeet Kune Do as innovation from another traditional martial art is starting to disappear and lose impact due to shortage of teachers? I guess if some arts and traditions aren't nurtured, passed on to younger generations and preserved its only matter of time when they will be extinct. Its sad really. Especially because Bruce Lee was among most eclectic,, witty and skilled martial arts fighters in history arguably.
    I've had my share of hiatus as well so don't worry.

    Man you have no idea how much I miss her. I haven't heard from her in almost 4 years. Last thing she said was something about the military. I really hope to hear from her one day.
    In Croatia people by temperament and culture of living is abit more on relaxed, easy going side. Because over here people are more carefree trying not to stress themselves over problems, work and enjoy in life. Being perfectly normal to see in middle of day streets full of young people just chilling around and being in cafes lol. Which is shocking tourists of course. But its not that they are lazy, but more so trying to balance out business with pleasure wanting to allocate some time for themselves and enjoy in fruits of labor,. Which in west often isn't the case because as popular saying goes "time is money" and people try to do as much wok in one day as possible often working overtime.

    Than again maybe that's why in Croatia economy sucks haha.

    As for pokemon same here. Im sick of this repetitive formula which is leading nowhere, Unlike in other anime like One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail etc where main characters stay until very end or are at least kept in relevant role popping from time to time being rerated as irreplaceable, essential addition to story making their existence count. In pokemon its completely opposite, especially for female leads.
    Serving as nothing more than fill up, token girl to help promote some generation before you get rid of her falling down in oblivion, in favor of next one rinse and repeat. With this from looks of it continuing indefinitely.

    Fact that first pokemon girl, very original one is completely ignored and abandoned for entire decade shows how much writers and directors who do planning and organization are disrespectful toward past and everything pokemon used to stand for losing its identity and making whole journey feel disconnected. With no consistent story, let alone continuity.

    Yet diehard fans in anime section of this forum don't mind this thinking its "a good thing keeping things fresh". Like you cant do innovative, fresh and new stuff with previous characters. This fandom sometime make zero sense honestly.
    Well you could say im giving them company. Seriously though im accompanying them to go in town, when they have to enter building or bus helping them to get in(if they are in wheelchair for example). In talking to them and having ear for problems they face, organizing field trips etc.

    Little bit of everything hehe.:)

    At first I admit I was afraid because I found myself in completely different environment never being much in touch with such people. But after i got to know it surprised me how warm, kind and optimistic they are leaving me admired in how they dont let their problems or prejudices affecting their life. With simple things we take for granted representing big challenge and obstacle they are facing with every day to overcome. Like going to bathroom, entering bus etc.

    Ohers could learn alot from them about willpower and human spirit.

    Ah I see. So your seeking for change in life, break of routine in not wanting to stay tied to just one position? That's actually cool, because it shows your adventurous person searching for new challenges and experiences wanting to learn different things and experiment. Enriching on yourself as person. Well personally its not that getting permanent job position is must for me, but having some sense of security in times were living in. Knowing you can count on salary every month to pay bills, food, accommodation and all kind of overheads can be comforting and reassuring. Because times are changing and I cant say for better never knowing what future may bring.

    Speaking of martial arts that's a very practical way on looking at things. With modern life as it is we often dont have time to take proper care of our diet, do we apply enough physical activity, get enough sleep etc. Everyone are always in rush and occupied with work neglecting ourselves, health and social life sometimes. Now that's not a good thing, but sometime it is sadly unavoidable.
    Definitely, hehe. We can never know what future may bring to all of us and in what way destiny will affect our life paths. Which makes living all that more meaningful and beautiful in not being able to predict what kind of people, various situations, temptations and challenges you might face infront of you,. Having to follow inner voice and trust your own judgment in what direction would be best for you to follow.

    Im working in association of disabled as personal assistant. At first I felt uncomfortable and undecided since I had zero experience in doing such kind of job. But after awhile when colleagues helped me to catch all ropes and know what to expect, how to approach certain individuals. I can say how its definitely new and rewarding experience changing my perception and broadening horizons. Its definitely inspiring and teaching experience.

    Im just glad i got any job given how tough is to even get one in my country with Economy being far from good.

    Glad to hear your doing good too. It seems your into lot of activities lately. Krav Maga is one of most efficient martial arts born in Israel. Its commonly used among special armed and police forces. So its definitely interesting self defense art with unique roots. :D

    Aww thanks, but im not living in especially cold area. Im living near ea where mostly prevails Mediterranean clime and winters can be mild. Even when not its nothing extreme fortunately. Its more that I like swimming, sunbathing, spending time with friends on beach with nice weather and lively nature adding more character to surrounding. ,Making me feel more comfortable I guess.

    Fair enough. You haven't missed much though. Nowadays Sinnoh as saga and Dawn are fan favorites with Serena coming close second. Among girls May is barely remembered and Misty is largely disliked and underappreciated(Iris too). People don't care about anything older than DP changing values and criteria of what can be considered good story or good character.

    Probably the best way to go at it is donating without showing too much face, or actively doing something towards that charitable goal on your own accord, instead of just showing up at an event and claiming you support it. Sometimes there's events that take celebrities with them prior to the event to film short reports from the site, and then the celebrity can swoon over how the charity is doing the right things. The charity is banking on the celebrity status to enforce authentic credibility in a sense. The celebrity is getting the "look at me being helpful"-respect. I wouldn't call that authentic. If a celebrity in their own time has shown that they support a cause (even something like having had a gapyear in Africa to help in an animal sanctuary), then it's clear that said celebrity isn't banking for their own gains or being used, but genuinely involved.

    Good news has come, eight weeks ago. I don't tend to make it a habit to post much of that part of my life on the internetz though.. It's a boy, he's healthy and a joy in my and my girlfriend's lives. It's quite the change though, so I haven't been on here as much as I used to, obviously. xD

    As for Ash, I'm utterly gutted he didn't get that Phantump.. Or even a regular one. I thought Forest's Curse looked awesome and even though Phantump isn't evolved, it would've made a good addition to the team, ala Corphish, Buizel. I'm with you on Shota, if Ash doesn't lose to him soon, I think there's a definite chance that the writers will make Ash lose to him during the league. Oh well, it's not as if losing to Mega Sceptile, Salamence and Aegislash would be that bad.
    Its ok, sometime in streak of all kind of distractions going in our lives. Responsibilities, obligations or problems which appear out of nowhere we often either forget or don't manage to do everything in time. I know how stressful and chaotic sometime things can be.:)

    Im doing fine, actually pretty good. Working in some association for several months already and im satisfied with way things are going. Salary comes on time, atmosphere and conditions to work under are good, colleagues as well boss are great. So I can't really complain.
    Not to mention with winter being behind approaching Summer I can't be in bad mood. Since everything again seem full of life, nature is playing with various colors and more sunny weather certainly helps in being more optimistic lol.

    Hope your doing good too mate. I rarely see you around here anymore and looking back when reading some of archived threads I miss your posts. You were one of members who actually offered quality content to read.
    As for my kid, yeah. I'm really excited about it. Halfway has come and gone, long story short, we're 20 weeks in, but we only realized we were pregnant at the 10 week point, so it still feels relatively fresh. And because of that surprise, we just thought: heck, lets keep the surprises rolling and lets not learn what the sex is. Everything is looking fine though as is. I'll keep you posted.

    As for Act IV and XYZ1, they seem exciting and I'm hoping I'll catch the special, but in the Netherlands, we just switched to "wintertime" (I guess comparable to DST?), and thus I have no idea if I should be watching at 11am or noon. I normally think it airs at noon local time, but I have no idea now..
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