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  • Hello! Of course, I'm going to add you! :) I can't battle or trade because I don't have Wi-fi, but we can talk. I like Swampert as well. I always chose Mudkip as my starter in Sapphire and Emerald. I used to have a Level 100 Swampert, but he got deleted. :(
    Yes, I do love the Eeveelutions. My favorite is Glaceon, followed by Jolteon and then Umbreon. Then Leafeon, Flareon, Espeon, and Vaporeon.

    Other than the Eeveelutions, I love flying-types, and I also like Lapras and Ninetales.
    Hello. I noticed you visited my page so I dropped in to say hi.
    Considering you joined two days ago, how are you liking the forums so far?
    Do you want to be friends?
    Reply on my profile, please.
    Oh, and my friend codes for pearl and pbr are in my sig.
    Email me your friend codes if you wanna fight or trade. i need some other poke fans !!!!
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