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  • Hey bud... I know you probably got a notification for it but I just wanna mention I FINALLY reviewed Rude Awakening. Which I've been meaning to do for a long time.

    (It's better now. :p Also to save on inbox space, I might as well ask the same question here--did the poster make it?)
    Hey Umbra, nice to meet you! I'm Anon. (It's a dumb name, but it sounded better when I was a teenager.)

    I sure hope I seem experienced; I've been active on-and-off at PokeCommunity's fanfic forum for just shy of 9 years, lol. Technically I haven't been lurking at Serebii, I just made an account here back in '08 and forgot about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm doing just fine! And how are you doing?
    Yep! Been voting for random characters I've liked in games I've played. Looking forward to trying it out when it's released.
    That's all right! It's not going anywhere, except possibly the Completed Fics subforum, so, y'know. Take your time. The fact you'd like to go through the whole thing and review it is pretty flattering anyway, frankly, no matter how long you take about it.
    Yep! It is indeed all done, after almost two years. Longest I've ever spent on a fic, but I'm pretty happy with it, I guess. I mean, I would be, it's very self-indulgent, but it seems like a few other people liked it too, so that's nice.
    Either way, even if it's ComicsNix, if you know of any other authors with some badfics, let me know, and I'll read through them.

    Lol noooope.
    Welllll it depends. The author did a Digimon lemon I at least laughed at, but I don't want to go looking for more at the moment. That, and Digimon R34 still makes me sad every time I run into it. In comparison, I've become apathetic to Pokémon R34 at this point.

    That's not to say I haven't attempted to dabble in it with Digimon, but I trust myself more for that lol.
    Oh most definitely. I don't go looking up Sonic fics, though, since I never know what to look for lol. I'll continue to try and find more bad Pokémon fics since I don't want to yet try and look up bad Digimon smut.
    Lol thank you, I had fun XD. Might do it again if any more badfic writers pop up.

    If I could, I'd try to find this one DeviantArt Sonic fic that made me really mad when I first read it. It was also around the time a friend and I hosted a podcast, so I actually did a reading of it. But I can't remember when this was.
    Actually, I got stuck on the coloring! ><; The colors just didn't want to play nice (also I kept screwing up the hand.) But I took another crack at it tonight and this is where it's at: http://imgur.com/a/zEOeZ

    Aaaaaaa, that's awesome to hear that you're reading LC. ^^ No worries on review punctuality, I know how it can be finding time for that (actually, I've managed to get myself to review more fics this year than I have in a loooooong time, which I'm super happy about.) I've been meaning to check out your fics too! I'll probably do that once I finish with Fledglings, since I just started reading that.
    Aw, thanks bud! Good luck to you too! I still feel like you'd do better than me. Yeah, I did get something out of it, a whole new Pokémon universe and a character I feel like using for an RP in some way. I could show it to you through PM if you can't wait.
    Oh no! Am I becoming too predictable? Well we can't have that!. Well, you'll see what I had cooking in my head next month. I'm feeling awfully nervous, since it looks like I'm the only one who hasn't been a judge or a mod for one of these things yet. I'm sure I'll be nuked out of the water! Good luck to you, too!
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