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  • Yeah, I saw. I'm in England visiting elyvorg right now so I don't have Internet on my laptop; sorry for the late response. Glad you enjoyed the review!
    Go right ahead. XD I'm down with Steven Stone ideas. Although probs as a mod, I should encourage abuse of the Fic Ideas thread, but idc. 8D
    Excellent! I'll keep an eye open for it =D chaptered stories do take a lot of commitment to keep going. I actually find it a challenge to do one-shots too, as you have to put a lot of information into a small story while not letting it get too long. I'll have a read over yours when I get some time =) I'd like to be more involved with the fanfic writing community. It's fun to talk with fellow writers =D
    Ooh I might have a look at those, thanks for the recommendations! =D Thanks for checking out my fanfic, I'm really excited about it and would love to know what people think =) Writing an epic is a bit of a challenge, I've never written anything so long before!
    I wasn't trying to say there was anything wrong with that, just that a relationship between a human and Pokémon that's meant to be platonic is pretty unlikely to be misinterpreted.

    And sure, go ahead.
    Well, if it's N and Reshiram you really shouldn't worry too much about people seeing it as romantic. Only a very specific subset of people are into human/Pokémon romance, and even they generally understand that it's usually not the intended reading of a human/Pokémon relationship.

    Horribly dysfunctional characters are the best characters. I will be looking forward to it!

    I'm actually a bigger fan of the original AtLA series than Korra. Seasons one and two of Korra annoyed me for a lot of reasons and overall I liked the characters in AtLA more and think their storytelling style, for lack of a better term, is a better fit for the younger characters and more lighthearted tone of the original series. I did enjoy Korra having all of the PTSD, though.
    Like I said, I'm used to being wrong. Don't lose sleep over me not reading an intended romance as romantic. When it happened in Crater Dreams I just went "Huh" and shrugged. For comparison, the same thing happened when I saw Disney's Frozen and season four of The Legend of Korra. There are more ways to indicate characters are attracted to each other than what I listed there, though - my examples were inspired by that one supposedly-platonic fanfic, not good romance writing. I definitely don't expect you to do any of that, even when a relationship really is romantic.

    I do think romance and friendship usually look a bit different. Not always - every pair of people has a different dynamic between them, and those dynamics lie on a vast spectrum - but if you find all your intended couples are indistinguishable from typical friends, that might be something you want to look into.
    Personally I don't generally assume things are romantic unless there are explicit signs of romantic/sexual attraction going on, so as far as I'm concerned you're fine if they're just... you know, not going on about how good the other smells or how soft their skin is or how they can't bear to be apart or blushing at everything (believe it or not, I have actually read a fic that was meant to be about a platonic relationship but managed to botch it by including all of those things). As a point of comparison, I read Apollo and Narissa in Crater Dreams as platonic until she suddenly kissed him at the end. I'm pretty used to being wrong, but I don't think you're genuinely leaning too romantic in a way that's problematic for the story unless someone like me is having a hard time not seeing romance.

    Of course, there are many other people who pretty much see any man and woman (or any two people in general) who appear to care a lot about each other as a potential couple, and it's hard to dispel that perception completely. Honestly, I wouldn't really worry about it. Shippers gonna ship. If there's a good place for it to come up in the story, you can always have the characters' precise feelings towards each other come up explicitly, but if there isn't, don't try to force it in - it'd probably be awkward. It's not a huge deal if some people interpret it as romantic.
    I'd say your greatest strength at the moment is that you have a way of making your characters endearing and likeable. Often you could develop them better, but I never have any trouble caring about them and what happens to them. You'd be surprised how many writers primarily fail on this.
    That's more reasonable then I suppose, haha. Good luck still holds!

    (Work on that oneshot you asked a deadline for btw. Gogogogo!)
    No worries, but if you could delete your post instead of leaving an edit note up, that would be great. Thanks!
    One of the things to keep in mind is that a person's writing preferences don't necessarily translate into reading preferences. So long as the story is good, people will read it. After all, some of the most popular fics in this forum (Adventure of Adventureness, A Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum, and some of Cutlerine's older works) were all straight-up comedy, and there have been plenty of other fics (like Roots and Cutlerine's newer works) that aren't necessarily comedy but aren't dark fic either.

    See, there are different processes involved with reading and writing. When you write, you're spending a lot of time building a story and going through the physical motion of writing it down. As such, a writer is more inclined to tackle a subject they find relaxing to write about. For me (and maybe for some other people), that includes darker storylines and themes because it's cathartic to go through the physical act of writing that kind of stuff while thinking about it. But when it comes to reading, while you could be writing up a review at the same time, you're not in charge of the story. You can sit back and relax, so you're probably a little more open to what you read. As such, what you read tends to depend more on your mood and tastes because you're looking for something that suits your fancy at any particular moment. Darker media doesn't always tickle a person's fantasy 100% of the time, so long story short, while a writer might want to tackle dark fic exclusively because it's cathartic for them, they'll probably be a little more open to whatever as a reader because dark fic doesn't always scratch their reading itches.

    So in short, I'd say don't worry about it. You'll be fine. :)
    Oh, goodness, don't worry about angry mobs! XD (Exclamation present because I'm like, "Oh god, I made someone panic! D:")

    People won't be angry at you or anything, believe me. It's just that a lot of people prefer to read fics with OCs than with canon characters if presented the choice. Or at least, the ratio of people who prefer OCs to CCs is bent that way in comparison to the way it works on FFN (where people seem to gravitate more towards CCs than OCs—so, yep, exact opposite of over there). Couldn't tell you why, though. It just kinda happens that way, seems like.
    If it puts things in perspective for you, I had zero votes in two different categories. :p

    Of course the nomination means something: it means somebody thought it should be nominated. Maybe that person didn't get around to reading enough fics to vote, or maybe they voted but voted for another fic in that category, having only one vote (perhaps they nominated two fics and went with the other, or their very favorite one-shot had already been nominated when they got there, or when they read the other nominations they discovered something amazing they hadn't known about). I mean, do note that you were up against JX Valentine's fantastic, contest-winning ERROR 1393; maybe nobody liked Caging Destruction more than that, but that doesn't mean being nominated was meaningless.
    It's never a good thing to have panic attacks. Take care of yourself first and foremost; whether you're being too nice to fictional characters should not be your top priority if you're having panic attacks over it.
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