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  • It was truly my pleasure! It was a great read. As for the Absol Paw Tribe, I can see why the judges would say that. Like I said, I'm still new to reviewing so it doesn't surprise me to have differing views from more seasoned reviewers. I also prefer character-driven stories which is why the majority of my review was based on characters. My absolute favorite thing in writing is characters to the point where I don't care about plot if the characters are written that well, haha.
    Heh, no prob. :) Just so what you want, when you can, and put whatever you want in the post provided it's not breaking any rules. Reviewers don't need to censor themselves, and that goes for the positive stuff, too.
    No problem! And yeah, taking time is definitely a must. But don't worry; I'm sure you'll get much better :)

    I would, but I have so much to do. I need to catch up on reading The Great Butler's Angel of Reckoning, which I haven't read or reviewed in months and I think he expects me to review all of it but it takes me an hour just to read a chapter.... If I can get this done though, then I'll check it out!

    Thanks; that clears it up :p
    Thanks! It has been read and reviewed :p

    Just curious, but I noticed that your one-shot has a lot of similar concepts to mine--namely, looking at the origins of something in Hoenn and referring way back to the past with tribes and villages and super-ancient Pokemon. If I were to post my fic with that, would you have any interest in reading it?
    I don't really know; all of my fics are OC-centric, so I don't have any good point of comparison. It could just be chance, though, and I really wouldn't read too much into it, especially since it's also fairly long which might intimidate people.

    Either way, at least I'll review the new version as soon as I get around to it. Been working on a review for Negrek but I finally got that posted, so.

    And thanks!
    Oh man. :eek: Sounds cool.

    Oh! Off-topic, but. Guess which pokémon I just got for the first time. :D
    No probs! o>

    That said! You're probably already thinking this, but definitely feel free to PM me the excerpts/judge quotes if it gets a bit too lengthy for VMs. :D
    (On that note, I have to apologize again for that bit of weirdness via PMs. I’m totally okay with answering questions or taking a look at scenes or excerpts and answering questions about those. It’s just that folks used to send me entire chapters to beta without asking first, and that’s a little jarring for someone, if you know what I mean. Like, I’d be okay with the Writers of Justice doing it because that’s what the point of the group was, but not, like, folks right out of the blue, y’know? So I tend to be a bit guarded about that. But! If you ask first or if you’re just looking for advice on a bit here or there, I’m totally okay with it. :D)
    Responding in order!

    Me? Well right now I'm trying to wrap up something off-site.
    Ooh! Good luck with this if you haven’t already!

    I'm also probably gonna revise and post my ORAS contest entry soon.
    Aaaaand good luck with this, but I’ll get to this in a sec. ;D

    Plus, I'm working on an extensive plot-and-character outline for*Heroes After All, because I know from experience my chances of success with a big project are higher if I have as much of an*actually coherent*plan as possible.

    With that said...!

    Re, your entire second VM: I’ll be completely honest with you. You’ve mentioned that you don’t like dark fics, and … it’s kinda dark. Like, not the darkest on the forum probably, but in the current version, there’s character death both on and off screen (nothing too violent), plus a bunch of people having breakdowns. If fics with downer notes and non-endings aren’t your cuppa, then I can totally understand you wanting to skip it.

    And that aside, I’m not sure what I can tell you about characterization and body language because it’s kinda a big topic. Not so much broad as it is it would probably take a lot of pages in Word to describe different methods of approaching it. I suppose one way of hopefully answering your question is to hear you out and then figure out what’s up specifically. I mean, having read your earlier work and the judges’ comments, I can kinda sorta get an idea of what to tell you, but you’d probably find it more helpful if I talk specifics, right? Or would you like me to go right ahead and offer up as much general advice as I can think of? Because I could do that too if you’d like.
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