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  • 'S fine. :> They'll be updating again later this week anyway so it might be good to hold off until that's happened anyway.

    The Miror B.nomorph definitely deserves to be a thing, at the very least. Even if it did take me three tries to type "deserves".
    Haha, no worries there. Sorry for all the confusion!

    Also, yes and yes. ;D Among other characters. Serena's definitely going to be a major character in the second part of the fic. And then you have Hilda being one in the first part, along with Bianca. It gets a little crazy at times, tbqh. It's going to be a lot of fun to write once I hammer out a few points.
    Ooooh, long-lived RPs like that are always a blast. Back in my active RPing days, there was this one particular RP I was in with a handful of friends and we kept it running for like...geez, five years thereabouts? There was a couple of RPs like that, all of them amazing fun, and a couple of them we basically hi-jacked for ourselves after a lot of the other people - including the GM - ended up losing interest and left. In retrospect we did a lot of pretty awful writing back then, but it was amazing fun and I met a lot of great people in the process.

    Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to give both versions a proper reading once I get some of the other fanfic stuff in my pile wrapped up and ready to go.
    Heh, glad to hear you approve. Funny enough, the setting actually IS loosely based off one I made for an RP years ago, though the RP itself never saw the light of day due to lack of time and opportunity, plus better fleshed out ideas that took priority. Kind of a running theme with my fics actually, since I did a lot of forum roleplaying before I really got involved with fanfics proper.

    As for seeing the original version of your contest fic, definitely. If it isn't too much trouble send it to me and I'll take a look. Comparing different versions of the same story to each other is always fun.

    Sorry for the delayed response by the way, I haven't really checked my messages much in the last few days.
    Just letting you know that I'm not ignoring you. I'm just physically sick at the moment, so I don't really have that much energy to respond to much at the moment. I've just been posting around/about the awards because I felt that it's really important to push them because that's one of our biggest traditions in the forum. Sorry I haven't been so responsive!
    No, don't worry too much about them. Like I said, you can't please everyone, and if they're not offering anything constructive that you could try to improve, there's little you can do about it anyway.
    No, just didn't think there was much for me to say. I took it as a clarification of your earlier message, not a new question; sorry if I missed what you were asking.
    If you know who Farla is, in 2005 or so she found me and my writing pretty irritating and extremely mediocre. I didn't exactly react in the most mature possible way, which probably didn't help. But once I grew out of that I started to respect her as a critic, so I deliberately posted one-shots when she was reviewing everything in the Pokémon category on FFN (fun fact: every one-shot I've written since 2006 or so was finished and posted because I wanted her to review them), and when I posted Curse, she actually quite liked it and only had a couple of minor niggles. Eventually she liked Butterfree, too. I've never felt as genuinely thrilled about praise as when it came from someone who'd vocally disliked my work before.

    So, best-case scenario, this person who hates everything you write is just a critic with very high standards, in which case you should try to look past their tone, take their criticisms into consideration (given they make sense), and one day something you write may live up to their standards (or not; don't live to please one critic). But if it's just somebody who seems to have a hate-on for you personally for whatever reason and isn't giving useful critique of any sort, there's not much to do about it but shrug and be on your way. You can't please everyone; you have no obligation to "deal with" people who just don't like you.
    Oh, good! I saw you'd been online since I posted it so I was worried you were upset with me or something, haha.

    Yeah, it makes sense to focus on getting your newer material done before revisiting this one again. Good luck! I'll be looking forward to Crater Dreams 2.0.
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