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  • You're welcome. I like 'em. Why's that? For me, the reason I like it is because it deals with family and I like how you dealt with how the world of Pokémon, however briefly, was made. ...And I just realized there are some things similar to it in my entry for Worlds Collide... Mainly Xerneas being a guy and one of the characters losing family.

    Funny. That was the reason I wanted to hold off reading it but then thought, "Nah. I'll read it so that whenever it does get revised, I can notice the improvements." So yeah. I'm planning on reading it when I can.
    Let's see... Tallish; long, dark, wavy hair; dark eyes. Likes her some denim. Doesn't care much for makeup. Aesthetically would fit right back in the early '80s with these guys just fine. Has the most ****-eating grin imaginable.
    And there. I just sent my entry. Now I can go and relax... Like play Digimon World Re: Digitize or read fanfics. Speaking of fanfics, that reminds me, I've read nearly all your works now (yes, I saw the latest Yangverse Michrochonicle). All that's left is the Plasbad one. I'd like to say Progenitors is my favorite (and yes I liked Life's Bounty too).
    Cheers! I'll pass it on to him. I helped write parts, but he did the bulk seeing he was the one who got the review copy, haha.

    Daily articles have sure been keeping me busy, especially this month. @_@ Lots of views though!
    Nice, thanks for explaining things. Good luck on your future projects, whether they take place in the Yangverse or not. :D
    And the award for late posting goes to...me! Anyway, I hope your entry does well as well! I'm done with my entry now. Now time for the Yuletide...
    Thank you =D I'm hoping to make a start on it this week. I've got super distracted by the back story for my dystopian PMD fanfic lol. I'm looking forward to seeing what other entries people come up with!
    I guess it would depend upon how many people you want to see the Yangverse explanation. I'm down for a really detailed explanation of what the Yangverse is (because lmao, I got it so wrong) but if you're not comfortable with sharing your Yangverse explanation with the whole SPPf fic community I'd say go for a PM. :)

    Well I'm certainly on board with Halloween goodies! And of course I'm curious as to who the kommo-o's namesake would be. :D

    I am so, so happy to see one of my most-wanted type combinations come to be in canon. Fingers crossed for a normal/ghost-type in 8th gen!
    Thanks. ... You know, there was a big part of me that thought "I highly doubt it" but I need to squish that lack of self confidence so, I'll say...I'll do my best!
    @What You Just Said About The Extension to Worlds Collide

    I know. Hopefully I decide on something--anything--to submit to the contest.
    Yeah, executive meddling didn't help with the resulting lack of story. =( At least the dialogue was still entertaining.

    I have the game but hardly played due to other games in my backlog, so I can't say. :< Have enjoyed the first M&L game though! Paper Jam is much more M&L than PM fwiw.
    Yes, supposedly! I did like Sticker Star but agree with people that the lack of story was a bummer. TTYD and SPM were better.
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