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  • Yeah, she seems pretty stressed. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and she's feeling better with the break.
    Jax is taking a bit of a break from the internet. She's here in a mod capacity, but not necessarily responding to VMs/PMs. She posted about it on Tumblr here. So it's probably not anything personal against you!
    Hi, there! I'm flamebeam and I was wondering if you'd be interested in betaing my fic for me. I was looking at your beta profile and I really liked what I saw. I'm writing a multi-chaptered fic, which I know isn't your strong suit, but it's very character-centric. Overall, it's a trainer fic, but that's only if you look at the surface of the idea, which I can tell you more about if you're interested. I should also note there's some supernatural elements, since you said you like fantasy. If you don't have time or you just plain don't want to, then I'll understand. I look forward to your response!
    I did! And I read it too; I've been meaning to review it but have had too much else on my plate. I will definitely do so when I get the chance.

    Why do you think Jax is mad at you?
    Still busy, bro. At this point, all I've got to say is I'll get to it when I can, but if you do have questions, feel free to ask them. (Looking over your PM, it kinda looks like you didn't send any questions but rather sent a bunch of ideas for me to look over, which ... I kinda don't normally encourage because that's what the Fic Ideas thread/the Author's Café in general is for. That and I like discouraging people from leading me into betaing for them, rather than straight-out asking.)

    Not to be unapproachable about it or anything. It's just that Yuletide and a couple of other things are taking up a lot of my attention.
    Probably not in that sense, no. But that doesn't mean it can't be doing new and interesting things in other ways.
    I don't read enough to have a very good idea of the exact proportions involved here, but many if not most fics about original characters are set in the anime-verse or at least draw a lot of elements from anime canon. If a fic has Pokémon saying their names, or regional professors giving out Pokémon as a routine thing, or Pokémon turning into translucent red light when they're recalled into a Pokéball, they're drawing from anime canon, at least partly.
    Hi, I see you said my fanfic needs work on grammer. Firt of all thanks for reviewing. Could you give me some examples of where my grammer is wrong and what's wrong with them? I am not the best at pointing out grammer mistakes unless they are super obvious. I also think that I need to start typing with correct grammer, as that should help me get used to it, ya know you instead of u. Because I usually only try to put correct grammer in my fanfic and at school.
    *high fives* 8D You clearly have good taste in characters, good person. It's just so fantastically interesting how N really wanted to be morally right but wound up being surrounded by people who carried out his vision in precisely the wrong way. While the research I did centered primarily on BW, doing that much digging made me realize how the division in Team Plasma in BW2 really emphasized that. Tl;dr, N is deep, man.

    And Lysandre? Oh goodness. I finally understand why Sycamore could feel so conflicted about him. That poor, poor guy. I just kinda want to give Lysandre a hug.

    Aaaaand as for your question, Electric Sheep's unfortunately not available anywhere just yet. I'm working on it for NaNoWriMo, so hopefully, a chapter or two will be available in December/January. It's also a Nuzlocke fic, so heads up, re: dark fics. I'm trying not to make it super dark, though, but, like, death is probably gonna be a thing thanks to the whole Nuzlocke bit. If that's still okay with you, I'll let you know when it's about to be released. :D
    Oh, definitely. I've been convinced people were going to figure out the entire plot of TQftL from one mention of a character's eye color (seriously). Of course, they didn't.

    It's good to consult some beta readers who know your story very well and that you trust to be pretty perceptive and not reveal anything they shouldn't. If they start figuring things out, you might want to tone it down, but if not, it's unlikely others are going to.
    The general idea is that readers of your fic PM you with questions they'd like to ask your characters, and then you have your characters answer them as in-characterly as you can. It can be a fun exercise for you to get to know your characters more and for any readers to find out more about how a character would respond to a certain thing. (You should of course have your characters refuse to talk about anything they'd naturally refuse to talk about in the actual story, though.)

    But, uh... bear in mind that mine didn't get much actual response from readers, so I'd warn you not to expect too much either if you try it with yours.
    Hey! Sorry for the late response, but I like, never notice that I have new VMs. Teeny tiny notifications and all, haha.

    Glad you were able to get the advice you needed. No, yours wasn't one of the last few. I still have a little ways to go before they're not... too rambly to submit, heh, but they're coming along!
    Pretty simply. :D Step one is you tell either Brutaka or me that you have a deadline for something. Specifically, you tell us what you plan on doing and when you plan on getting it done by. (For example, if you want to finish your chapter by November 1, you tell us, "I want to finish my chapter by November 1. Can I get a deadline?") We go, "Yeah, sure, sounds cool. Good luck!"

    Then, you get one or two warnings. The first warning happens a week before your thing is due. If you don't give us a week's notice, we kinda ignore the first deadline. But if you've got more than a week to complete your stuff, we'll step onto your VMs or PMs and go, "Attention, [your name]! You officially have one week to finish [your task]! If you've already completed it, congratulations! Let us know so we can take you off the list."

    The second warning happens twenty-four hours before your deadline and basically entails the same thing, only with "one week" swapped out for "twenty-four hours."

    That said, have you got anything that needs to get done? :D
    Sure, it's amusing! I'm just in England and don't have as much logged-in Serebii time as usual. Sorry it came off as me being snippy.
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