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  • Eh, jetlag is an issue to worry about regardless of timing of flights when going Australia to US! I managed fine getting to the US as I landed in the morning, dumped suitcase at the hotel and went sightseeing for the day, then slept once night hit. On the way back I wasn't quite so lucky.
    Ahahah you're right, it totally is. I'll work on that. Would you believe it took me ages to figure out how to draw a smirk? xP It kept turning out weirdly evil-looking?
    It was a good trip! Busy because conferences and then packing in sightseeing around it all on top of long flights (or overnight flights, whoops).

    Yeah, I am! Actually, many years back it was done for contests as well, including the first one I entered. :B So I'm glad to see it back.
    Heee, thanks. :D Of course these days when I think of birbs one of the first places my mind goes is An Untitled Story, probably on account of the fact that I'm rewatching a let's play of it.
    So I went to find your ORAS contest review and... couldn't. OTL I've misplaced the few full judging writeups I did have for that contest and only had an older bunch of notes to fall back on. I didn't want to leave you with just those notes, so I went and re-read your submission and wrote a new review, which I've just PM'd to you. (I wish I had a good excuse for why that took me over half a year; all I can do is apologize profusely for keeping you waiting!) It's longer than the official judging review would've been as a result; even then I didn't touch on everything, just because it took six months/two years to get this to you and um wow finish already, Phoenix? I think all the stuff I left out was really just proofreading miscellany, though, no big deal.

    I'm sure you're busy with other stories by now, but I hope it's at least a little helpful! Please do let me know if I was unclear anywhere or misunderstood something, or if there's something else you'd like to ask about!
    Let's have that, and let's also have a dragon/fighting-type anthro dragony thing (even though that would be SUCH fairy chow), because cool and because even after all these years I am still Rave Master trash. 8D
    Let's get a normal/ghost-type while we're at it.

    (This is not re: the kitty, incidentally. Kitty can be dark annnnd... idk, psychic perhaps? Dark/psychic's always fun. But anyway nah, normal/ghost could be for, oh, I don't know. A literal dust bunny, cute and soft and all but technically made of dead skin cells.

    I've kind of wanted that exactly to be a thing since 3rd gen. :p)
    I'm just sitting here like please let there be an Alolan persian, please let there be an Alolan persian, please let there be an Alolan persian... Even though, lbr, why wouldn't there be?
    Lovable Eversion Cucumber is one of the best ideas in the entire franchise. :D Ghost-type marowak is brilliant as well, and I am always on board with moar kitties.
    Fun fact: one simply CAN'T put down "N's Chainsaw Massacre" as an option and expect me not to pick it. :D
    Ah, okay. That makes sense. That is funny. But isn't Harmonia N's middle name? Then again, Gropius doesn't really sound as good.

    I'll be sure to tell you if I ever post it.
    Yes, WAAPT. Ah, that makes sense.

    Ha ha, yeah, that was my intention too (for the Infinite Ns fic), though how is the idea of N being related to Kyurem funny? I think I'm reading too much NGE fics if I keep thinking of making that fic more serious. I haven't thought of much of a plot for either yet. Only ideas for a few scenes here and there. Cameo it is then.
    Oh, and speaking of NGE is it safe for me to assume you actually saw it? fics, you know there's this fic (that I didn't finish reading 'cause it's giving me a figurative heart attack) called the Crisis of Infinite Shinjis. And I wanted to get back to writing fics (even if I'm not exactly gonna post them) but I don't really think I can do a chaptered one for now. So I wanted to do a one shot. And you know what I thought?

    N meeting various AU versions of himself like in that NGE fic I mentioned. One of them, I briefly thought, would be Yangverse's N but I was thinking against it because I might not write your interpretation well.

    And then I thought of an AU where the reason why N can understand Pokemon is because he's Kyurem's son. And then I wanna make a fic about that and how his mom and dad met and inadvertedly made them AU versions of two characters I made and why he ended up raised by other Pokemon.

    I just felt like mentioning that to you.
    Of course you saw it... Why am I living under a rock? Never mind, yeah, I get it. You know apparently the GM of the RP I'm in, City of Lost Characters, is a big fan of it. Oh, okay. That reminds me, I have a question, I read some of the pages of the RP and I was very confused on what was going on.
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