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  • "I'm a poor girl.... duh."

    SAY IT. 8< Oh, okay. You can have ones freshly-picked from my garden!

    On a side note, sorry it's been taking so long for me to get back to you. I've had a lot of people at my house recently and I've been very busy with school, and sports are starting up soon, so the time it takes for me to respond may take a while. A long while.
    "So wait, if we're in France.... why aren't we speaking French?"

    Really! I dare you to say/type out "poo." Hm.... will you settle for some zucchini?
    Good point... but after watching "Mean Girls," I could not take Amanda Seigfried's acting seriously.

    Then you MUST have gotten high/smoked at some point. NO. TAKE THE BRUSSEL SPROUTS.
    I really liked the little girl who played Cosette, though. She was adorable, and actually had a decent singing voice despite being so young.

    If you're between the ages of 15 and 20, chances are you've been drunk. MY BROCCOLI. NOT YOURS.
    "I Dreamed a Dream" was my personal favorite, along with "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables." Agreed; Sacha Baron Cohen is notorious for playing fairly.... indecent characters, and this is probably the only film that I would feel comfortable watching him in.

    Swimming and water polo.... plus physics and calculus. x_x Enjoy your champagne. *nibbles broccoli*
    I don't think so; I couldn't make out everything they were saying and missed that part. But everybody was cracking up during the "Master of the House" segment. I found it particularly.... jarring. I shall never sit on Santa's lap every again <_>

    And happy going back to school and sports!! *collapses*
    Just saw Les Miserables recently; it was quite good. It was real good, actually. Superb, more like it. Outstanding would be more fitting, though. Out-of-this-world amazing might be a more accurate description, however. I loved it very much, particularly little Cosette. Older Cosette just... bothered me. Meh.

    Yes, the piece with the cannons is the 1812 Overture. Best of luck to you in learning your guitar :)

    And happy 8th Day of Christmas! *graps champaigne*
    For a moment, I couldn't remember whether I was supposed to call you Ninjabait or Umbreon-dana. Oh well.

    Glad to know you're still around. Happy holidays to you too, Ninja-dana. =)
    lol; for the promos I didn't realize he was Hugh Jackman until it explicitly said so. And, off-topic, but I recently watched (the 2nd half of) The Dark Knight Rises, and found it too hilarious that Anne Hathaway was Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

    Then I would suggest Vivaldi, Holst, Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' and 'Infernal Dance,' Tchaikovsky (His 'Swan Lake Ballet,' '1812 Overture,' 'Sleeping Beauty Waltz,' and 'Waltz of the Flowers' are my favorites), and there's a lovely piece called 'October' by Eric Whitacre, if you like the slower stuff. Stravinsky and stuff by Vivaldi tends to be faster and more technical, while Tchaikovsky is usually slower and more lyrical.
    :O You need to fix that! I think it's amazing that you're learning guitar, and I would defnitely recommend keyboard (since it seems that a lot of people are learning how to play it), as it's good for trying out chords and such.
    I actually really want to see that; I would find it rather amusing to see a Gladiator working with the French, and to see Wolverine doing stuff with a Princess. Must be fairly odd, but looks quite interesting.

    EEEEE! I love Vivaldi; I have his Violin Concerto and 'The Four Seasons' on my iPod! I also do love Holst; his music is so beautiful. I have not played many video games, but of the ones I Have played, I do love the music from 'The Skyward Sword' and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. I mostly practice on flute (I've been playing it for about 5-6 years), but I like to experiment on piano, since I can play different chords and experiment with different songs on that (though I've never learned how to remotely play it properly). What about you?
    Happy Second Day of Christmas to you, Ninjabait! And mien was very quiet and peaceful, thank you :) Hope yours was great!

    Sorry for never responding to your previous VM; I was getting caught up with classes, and polo, and exams, etc. I just didn't have time to come back on here. I love Music Theory though; I passed the final exam last year (which is apparently pretty good; some years, the pass rate is about 20%). I love to play and practice music and find it interesting to look into what makes up compositions and how songs are written. I'd have to say, Modal scales was my favorite topic :)
    I just haven't been focused as much as I should be, and I had the bright idea of taking two advanced math courses when I am horrible at math. Hence, the recent bad grades. No, when I first found out that the guy I liked got a girl, I got a bit upset, then I got over it. All is right in the world :)

    I've always found drama to be something that gets you involved in a family-like program. It's good that you are around so many loving people :) Are you writing music as in 'lyrics for songs' or actual music, as in notes on paper? Because having taken Music Theory last year, I find that writing music is a great path to go down, even iif it is a bit difficult. Makes no difference to me whether you're Catholic, if you're doing what you feel is right and fulfills you, then that makes me happy :) And, of course, you're always free to PM me whenever you need to.

    Oh, well.... I thought that she seemed pretty young. Meh.... I never played past third generation, so I wouldn't know.
    Well, with a tummy full of Thanksgiving dinner (MURICA!!), I really can't complain. Although school comes Monday, with a reminder of my falling grades and how I have to see the guy I still like walk into first period with his new girlfriend everyday....
    *cough* Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, life's quite good. Faith in humanity grows everyday :) How is your life?

    And, for some reason, I find it irrevocably amusing how your avatar is a gentleman and mine is a small girl. Perhaps they reflect our inner personas? Because I really like mine does, lol.
    I honestly don't either. I just figured that since you and I sort of fell away from each other without any sort of goodbye, I'd go ahead and say that it was nice to be (internet) friends with you :)
    Yeah.... I don't even bother to look at the forums. I might go creep around fanfiction, but that place has always been either disgustingly creepy or really not bad at all.
    He needs peaceful rest after all the shock and hilarity of playing the Joker.

    You tread a very fine line, sir.
    Isn't he something? Gary Oldman. He has to be awfully talented, yeah.

    No one on Earth would believe I would stand idly by as a friend of mine gets drunk underage.
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