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  • I just realized the same guy plays Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies, Commissioner Gordon in the Dark Knight movie, and Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2.
    My mind: *kaboom*

    Also, that plan won't work because no one on Earth would ever believe I was drunk.
    Ah, well, if I had hurt your feelings, I definitely would have been sorry. =X

    But those lyrics, Ninjabait, they left a lot to be desired. Though I imagine coming up with lyrics about pole dancing and squids at a moment's notice wouldn't typically produce many instant classics.
    At your service.

    I guess that's alright.

    He sounds like he's the sort to have affairs, at least. =/

    If you win, you can write the title of the Misc Rules. Assuming it follows the limitations I metnioned in the OP, I'll just copy/paste whatever the winner writes.
    Well I'm pure something, because my bio says so.

    Well jeez, what have you been doing as VM President? Get to work already!

    Ah. Well I sure hope I'm not having an affair with him. Superheroes aren't usually funny, so an unfunny comedian superhero must be a bore.

    It doesn't look shabby, no sir.
    It's because I am pure, of course. Purely devious.

    You get to manage our VM budget and decide foreign VM policy.

    Who's the comedian from Watchmen?

    I didn't get it until after I'd edited the post. And then it made sense, and I chuckled. ^_^
    Yes, but I always have fun swapping between meanings during conversations. It's much more exciting than normal ones.

    It was a good one. I've already asked the girl in the next cubicle if she could please reach me the stapler on the top shelf. It's a very high shelf, so she'll have to reach for it~

    I don't think any of that really matters. But you can be President of our VMs until you meet the criteria for the whole country, I guess.

    Which one? I should probably try to remember her name.

    It was a clever idea, too. XP
    Funny, I thought soul originated in Chicago in the 60's.

    Why you sly dog, you~

    Can I vote for you? I'm voting for you. I'm doing it right now. There's a poll machine in my closet and I'm voting for you at this very moment.

    Ahaha, I was just going where the jokes took me, Ninjabait. No need to wonder. ;3

    I shall go and see to it!
    The soul sure has lived in many places throughout history: stomach, heart, lungs, head. I guess it keeps movin' on up, just not to the East Side.

    Hah, a nice option. But where does the navel-gazing part factor in?

    Well, that's alright. Philosophy can be learned from the comfort of your armchair, in between major animation projects for Pixar or their successor. And your kids had better come to my classroom with diapers on, then.

    Quick, think of something philosophical! Solipsism, go! There is no sexual interaction because there is no real entity other than oneself! Phew, that was close. It was pretty touch-and-go for a moment there. Kinda like my sex life-

    Aw crap!

    Nihilism! I'm gonna die!
    What's wrong with story boarding? I have a small amount of experience in that, part of the whole "design" thing. But seriously, Thor would be like.. the coolest boss. Hands down, I'd work for him :x
    Being a lighting designer and knowing the history of electricity made me hate Edison. The guy was a douche. :(

    Also, totally feel you on the ever expanding list. I keep adding movies to netflix, but then I just end up watching The Office or something instead. Bad habit, but at least I can say I have the intent to watch/read/listen to/whatever new stuff. That's better than nothing, I guess.
    Word. I'll have to put your suggestions on my "to read" list. Unfortunately my life is getting crazy busy, so it'll be a while.. :(
    Me too, but if "gazing at your navel" is a metaphor for "thinking deeply," the connecting ties that make those things analogous is mysterious. Or maybe the metaphor-coiner really did just have the mirrors in his house set up oddly.

    Ultrasound technicians, right? (Get it, too? Our calling? Ultrasound? Wokka wokka.)

    I bet you'd be an excellent philosophy student when you get to college. Maybe I'll be a professor by then, and maybe you'll take one of my classes. And maybe we'll have everyone in the room busting a gut in laughter. And with all those burst gut, navel-gazing will take on yet another meaning. But if you find that, while you're writing/thinking, you'd like to bounce your ideas off someone, I'll be glad to participate. =)
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