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  • Oh, okay. So I assume you were using it in a jocular fashion, then. If literally, I can't wrap my head around using navel-gazing as an aid to meditation or reflection, mainly because I can't wrap my head around enough to see into my own navel without getting an achy neck and shoulders.

    And that's why being a philosopher or philosophy professor is like the best job ever. All you have to do is sit around and gaze at your navel, if you're a philosopher; sit around with a bunch of college students and... I guess gaze at each other's navels, if you're a philosophy professor. And that latter would maybe be nice, since so many college girls have nice navels to gaze at.

    Uh... where were we?

    Oh yeah. I'm glad you didn't enjoy a self-centered take on philosophy/morality. I can't stand relativist ethics, and subjectivism/egoism are within that school of thought. But if you're going to try and develop a comprehensive philosophy, you'll want to be knowledgeable about all the schools of thought and philosophical theories that history has given us, if only just to know you're not working on something that's already been done. =0
    Well, okay. That's a good idea too.

    That sounds spectacular, Ninjabait! Developing a philosophy of life, ethics, and even everything is an excellent intellectual exercise, and if you can practice and develop your writing and your philosophy well enough, it may become a full-fledged theory and end up in a textbook! I'm wondering, though, why you've been contemplating your bellybutton?
    Mind blown.

    I dunno though, that might be too bitchin' if you know what I mean. I don't know if the laws of science allow for that much bitchin' in one time and place.
    Oh man. Tough call, but either works really. Though I don't know of a hat more bitchin' than a top hat.
    Don't we have a poll like that already? Some kind of "liberal or conservative" poll, I think. Bah, I don't know whether it's been a month since it was used, though. If you find that poll, and it's still post-in-able, but you're going to make a more comprehensive poll, I'll close it. =0
    Jolly good, you made the right decision. :)

    So, aside from throwing peppers at your computer, what's shakin'?
    It can be, but it's not conclusive. That would be like supporting evidence, maybe. It's possible to experience the symptoms associated with a malady out of sheer coincidental misfortune. If you believe you have a disorder, you should mention it to your doctor/a doctor (even a non-psychiatric one). =0
    That's a shame. =/

    You mean this teacher owns a helium laser and a hovercraft? She is certainly no ordinary person.
    For this Gentleman's Day, maybe it'd better be the midpoint between our two birthdays. You radiate some strong gentlemanly qualities yourself, Ninjabait. I don't think I can be the cause for a gentleman's holiday all by my lonesome.

    But the idea for a Gentleman's Day is pretty good, regardless. There really should be something like that.
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