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  • Well, that certainly sucks. I've been trying to get people to share the second most noticable attribute next to their appearance (and in the case of the phone call, first thing!), and after my first attempt in the form of a thread was spammed down by some funk, I tried to get people to cut the thread-derails this time and no-one replied lol. Most attempts since on the profile pages have also proved quite futile... got the webcam, then? Maybe we can exchange messages via the pretty stuff Sereboob doesn't let us type in lol.
    You're breeding for a shiny Rotom. Only a fan of the highest dedication would breed for a shiny. And the Wigglytuff I guessed too, from your profile pic. Lol, I was just paying attention. XD

    I just wanted to say hi because the three I initially guessed are three of my biggest favorites too! ^_^
    Thanks to my incredible deductive skills, I am more than 50% sure you like the following Pokemon: Umbreon, Uxie, and Rotom. Am I right, or do I overestimate my abilities?
    Choice Items kind of fail with Sleep Talk- They work the first Turn, but fail the second (in reference to that Glaceon you posted). Also, Thick Fat Snorlax.
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