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  • Remix: Dedication Through Light and Darkness chapter 7 is up. It is entitled Razor Wind vs Blazing Fist!. Enjoy. :)
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    Nah, it starts on the 6th iirc. ._. Lol, I have no "sleep life" at all, so.

    What were you doing, btw? >: Good. Now go worship them or something. Maybe I'm just not that clever? Oh God I love that thing.

    Tee-hee. Lol, don't, it's pretty messed up. You're not as evil as Hitler.

    Shock face. That's a pretty nice idea. You should make it happen. Yea, but Hoenn especially because it's kinda been forgotten. ):


    Well it's true of course. Whichever you want.
    :O Well.

    I saw you posted the new chapter. Great, more stuff for me to fall behind on. School starts in a week for you? Hah, mine doesn't start until September 7. Oh, well, I never go on the site anymore, so I didn't even think about LJ. No, I don't get anything. I won't rebel; volunteering at the library is actually quite fun and I get to see my friends at programs, so it's all good.

    It does, but no. Stop trying to get me to post on LJ!! \O/ I need to stop watching so much TV; it'll rot my brains, lol. I won't reply because there's really nothing to reply to, but I appreciate your help. -bows to the great Umbreon Ruler-

    That's exactly why I deleted it. It's extremely embarrassing. And apparently I don't take criticism well. Then what am I doing writing another fic? >.> I'm not going to start reading any more fanfics until I'm all caught up with the ones I'm currently [not] reading. And that will take a long time.

    I have to do so many other things, the Internet has become my escape for a while. Yes, you started it. I can't believe you don't remember. D':
    It's fine. I got your PM by the way, I'll read the next chapter sometime, although I'm too tired to take it all in atm. Busy couple of days and all that. >_>

    Prove you're roodah. Oh, right, do it. I absolutely love puppies, and they should not be spoken about unless in very high praise. >: Eh, perhaps you're right about the vibe part, but I am certainly no genius. Exactly. Leave all the boring stuff for tomorrow and have fun today. 8D Haters gonna hate, bro.

    Yeah, I really get that impression form the business on your VMs page. >: Those dark secrets are secret. Hm, my definition of evil... Tell me, how many psychological horror films have you watched? Think Saw. That's my definition of evil. Hitler too, he was pretty bad.

    I SAW THAT STRIKEOUT :UUU. That's an interesting idea. You mean, with like, different Pokémon and challenges and all that, but with the same layout and progression? Interesting. Good man.

    But why?

    Um, yay? You have received an infraction at Serebii.net Forums. Oh, you want to go to war? I'd gladly join you.
    Well it's about time. >:

    I'm much ruder than you are. Sorry, what? DO NOT BRING PUPPIES INTO THIS CONVERSATION. ;_; <3 Idk, some people irl think I study too. Madness, I say. Absolutely, all of them are much better uses of your time than giving yourself a brighter future. Indeed it is, I hate that.

    Well if I was banned then you'd have one less person to talk to. ): /shot. I have many, if I count as your friend. Ruuuuudddddeeeeeee. But not very evil tbh.

    Well, that's nice I guess. I wasn't aware that you could do that; isn't it very expensive? I don't really know where they'll stop. They're going to keep on coming up with new ideas until they stop making money, probably. I'd still play R/S remakes, though. I don't know either but stop doing it. >:

    Well why should I bother if that didn't work? ;___;

    Um, I don't that word is filtered, lol. But I gave you respect... *flamethrower*
    *rubs her new bruises mournfully* I didn't think you'd actually do it. >.>

    I think you should write it less often so I have time to catch up. xP Partial waiter, normal waiter, what's the difference? Yeah, getting to know the people makes life easier in general. You want me to post a review or you want me to post my fic? And, ha. I wish. It's all labor, my friend. No good hardworking feeling is involved.

    I don't either. Eh, it's a long story that I don't wanna go into. And I'm done breaking the rules. It's not worth it. Haha, I like that saying. I get a lot of inspiration from TV, lol. No, I have to make a new banner for this fic. I'll send it to you as soon as I finish this VM.

    Right? I'm not popular in real life and I'm not popular here. D: Haha, sorry. Since I deleted US, my post count dropped by 100 or so.

    Aww. Poor UR. I plan on taking my time. There's so much to do on the computer and not enough time to do it. >< Hehe. S'okay.
    You, sir, are the one being rude. Nah, coldheartedness > being pathetic. Lololololololololol me studying. Indeed, there must be much better uses of your time. That's kinda my attitude to everything, lol.

    What, if I got banned, lol? They do not exist imo. Everyone has something to hide, but you obviously don't know about it with most people. You're not evil enough for even that. Prove to me that you are evil. >:

    Dial up = Fail. ^____________^ Yeah, it would be cool, but it probably won't happen for a while. Although I think it'll be after B/W. Eh, I guess different people enjoy different parts of the game is what it really boils down too.

    Well, enjoy your smiles. And did it actually make you smile, lol?

    You have TBRespect. Be prepared for epic flaming k?
    WHOA. I didn't even notice that you replied. >< Sorry about that. I feel like an idiot now. You have permission to stone me.

    That's more like it! Oh, well, it was the same-ish job. Why is it so bad at this restaurant? I KNOW. I never have time. I don't even go on the site anymore. Poor LJ is neglected. It's better than what I get paid: a big ol' goose egg. As in, $0. xD

    Nope, that's the definition of volunteering. And now I'm grounded, so I can only hang out with one person. She's my best friend, so it's not so bad, but still. I'm trying to write as much as I can. I have a lot of summer homework though, so it's kinda hard. Would you like me to send you the first chap of my potential new fic? I think you'd like it...

    I do too. It used to be in my sig. Haha, subtle. I'm trying to post more like I did when I first joined this site. It's not working that well. xD

    It's "chuck," not "chunk." Haha, I saw that on your thread. I still need to read the last few chapters. ><; Aaaaand, yes. xP
    Yea, that also tends to happen where I'm concerned. I guess, if you want to sound pathetic. ): Lol, I try to be nice. And there's a difference between just passing and doing well. I'd be a terrible teacher tbh.

    It is, isn't it? What is this "normal human" you speak of? Not really. Muhuhahaha is much better.

    Oh right. Get a ROM for it man. =/ Lol, give me an R/S remake and I'll be happy. Eh, I've been doing the whole random thing more recently but I don't use random moves.

    Oh you are special. ^__________________^

    You're lucky to get one from me tbh. Nah, SPPf people just suck.
    Yea, I do that sometimes ^______^. Mental scars are overrated, you generally forget about them unless it's something really big. "Intelligent and personable" is an interesting description to put to me but alright, thanks, lol. That is also possible, although I somehow doubt it.

    TheBlueRabbit ;_;. Well, I gave up on SPPf a while ago lol, I only really come online for the VMs since I'm rating much, much less now. Oh you, you are so evil.

    Yes, it is. Eh, I hardly play HG/SS if that's what you're referring to. I have yet to beat the second gym, lol. Yeah, I forgot that you don't really "design" teams as such, which is alright too. >:

    Just because it's you. ^_^

    Joking, but alright then. It's fine, next to most of SPPf you're positively normal-looking.
    You suck. ): That's probably best. Besides, what effect does it have on you if you get ranted at? It really would be. I've been told that I'd be good at it, which come to think of it, is pretty odd...

    I won't try in a post for fear of the banhammer. I might PM you with it though, and see what happens. Lol, I'm being a ghost now, which means no Sig, no Avvy, no User Title and no Online Status or anything. Although the Online Status and User Title are things I want so I'm keeping them. But that confuses them and then they explode. =/ Yea, most people haven't.

    Good man. FRLG are meh, GSC are where it's at. Respect++ for that, although the 4th Gen brought about the much-needed Physical/Special move split. Well it's true. >:

    Oh yea, and so it did. Well I want more then.

    also i saw you in the picture thread lololol /shot
    I see. But then again, you have Facebook, so. Meh, I worry about that a lot too, but you're only doing your job. It doesn't matter this time. That's pretty much the truth tbh.

    Get my point now? I think it only goes up to Size 8 here, lol. You can? I know that you can use any colour, but I didn't know that. Then again, I always post in Trebuchet MS anyway, so. If he's coming near you then he will most definitely be about to have a rant. Rap but really, really fast. Idk if it has another name.

    Deal with it. >: Idk, I might have played it and forgotten it or something. Crystal was just awesome. I absolutely do not fail.

    That should work. How this conversation started, I also don't remember, lol. I demand 90% pr0fitz k?
    Lol, do you literally never use it? Whee. Well, don't. It's just someone getting annoyed at you, probably for no good reason. Just ignore it and they'll calm down eventually. I can't say I know any old people except for one of the teachers at school to test that on, lol.

    Well idk. They might do it in CAPITAL RED BOLD UNDERLINED ITALIC UBERFONT or something. In Size 78. I didn't, I tend to forget everything, lol. IT'S BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING DURING THE WAR. Meh, I'm pretty open to pretty much any music. I have Death Metal and Speed Rap in my iTunes, lol.

    I'll never be glad for ice cream's existence. Lol, I don't think I ever played it. Crystal is where it's at. <3 Self-absorbed people fail. No offence, but. ): And good man.

    Well tbh I don't remember any of my childhood. Or very much of it at least, but I'm pretty sure I was born, if that's a good start. But I don't care, Spanish takes ages to learn. As do all languages which I'll probably never use. =/
    You need to Msn moar. It means can't be Æ’ucked, lol. Meh, still less repetitive than doing the dishes. As long as you don't lose your job, it doesn't matter if people rant, lol. Oh, right. Well, still, you get my point. I think. >:

    As am I. Irl, anyways... Meh, fair enough, I tend to lose track of conversations sometimes too. D: Orly? Why's that then? Meh, it has to be really well done for me to like it, though.

    You know, you're generally a pretty cool guy but I do hate you sometimes. ): Lol 1st Gen. I don't even remember playing a 1st Gen game, lol. Everyone who uses that on you just fails hard then, lol.

    No, I want it perfectly accurately. Well, put some effort in. I fail to see anything exciting about Spanish tbh. D:
    cbf with *. It helps that you get a less repetitive job, though. And who really cares about what the customers think of you, lol? Oh I am being myself. They just don't like it.

    ...k I didn't really see that one coming tbh. You just need some time to get used to him, he's actually a perfectly nice man. Rap can be really good sometimes, if you're in the mood for it. Indeed. It's a good thing though.

    You know, you're not making me feel any better tbh. Well, I used to post a lot, although I've been pretty inactive as of late. Probably since I'm losing interest in IGRMT right now. Pretty much. That and it gets thrown around so often you just want people to stfu about it, imo. You know it's there and being told to stop talking about your own problems won't change anything. Left, actually. /shot

    ...I see. Start from birth pl0x. You really need to look up definitions more.

    stimulate or excite (someone), esp. in a sexual way
    *being a waiter would be much more fun, methinks. You get to intrude on people's conversations. 8D* It could mean one of two things. Either I work well when I actually do something, or I'm so difficult that they feel genuinely challenged trying to teach me. Either way, it doesn't mean I'm not hell.

    Care to explain, lol? Well my delightful Gentleman avvy refuses to accept your young people's explanations. They're too biased by your horrible rap music *shakes fist*. I thought you might say that, I was just wondering really. Some things, you just like, eh?

    I dislike that part. Err... have you seen my postcount? It needs PC-1 if anything... That, pretty much. And imo all the starving children in Africa is simply too big an issue, and too commonly used, for it to have any impact at all. People just can't imagine something of that scale. Imo, smaller things work much better. It might exist somewhere, you never know.

    But then you're only re-writing my life. >: You know, you could've just said that in English.
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