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  • Wait Erik is still gay? I thought he was being serious, didn't ever think it was an April Fools joke, lol how slow am I huh? And what's wrong?
    Hey Umbreunatic- I know this isn't really my place to say but I think you should give Erik a chance, I know he lied about who he was but I think he should be given a second chance. Do with that may you will (Did I get that right?) Sorry for sounding instrutsive but I just wanted to say this.
    I'm sure you look great....it's just that some people are more snobby then others. This one guy that I met...he had more expectations than my school!

    But I'm sure you look fine.

    Oh, and I saw the peeing statue of the little kid in Belgium...I'm sorry it kinda looks like I was talking about the Netherlands.


    Getting a death threat? That's sad....I mean if someone were to do that to me....no more exsistance for that person.
    I have Msn....but I don't excatly use it frequnetly. A boyfriend....hmm...your Bi right....that means that you must prefer guys. I do to, but for very personal reasons that I'm not going to scream out loud....I'll Pm it though....but Serebii could have spies. Whatev's I just may Pm it if I really want you to know....anyways for the matter at hand.

    A boyfriend is that hard for you....that's surprsing. You're blocked? That's staggering. You seem really cool, nice, smart. and pure awesome. I'm American too, but I do visit Europe frequently....once every summer! Let's see your Dutch right? Belgium, or Netherlands. I prefer the Netherlands personally, because when I went there there was a peeing statue of a little kid and it disturbed me. o_O
    I'm like that with one boy...How ever he's....never mind, you'll just go like this: o_O. However I often times like slam them with my foot by a jump kick. I always crave talking to him, and trying to get him to be mine. Often times I end up myself into trouble and he has to bail me out.
    Omg, I didn't know you liked that much =p
    But I suppose you gonna have to wait tomorrow, you're not online now. I spent the day downloading Desperate Housewives, so I couldn't get online earlier.

    And cool Ninetales o_O Lol, does it have the egg moves? it's near perfect!
    Of course, I'm always yours ;)

    But yah, sorry about MSN, father had to use computer and he's still there >_>
    Woman and their periods...such a shame...I'ne been friends with people that explode at me for no reason. I usually explode back exactly one week later...especially when I'm stressed out....the go: Stanley! Stanley! Stanley! Stanley! Stanley! Stanley! Stanley!. And I'll scream "WHAT." and then they usually do something rediculous like "Hi." and then I chase them trying to inflict injury...Teehee
    Hello how are doing. I remember before I got the courage to post at the LGBS alliance forum, I went back about 10 or 20 pages and read your posts and feeling so bad because you were all depressed.... Anyway's I'm so happy I'm your friend now! *victory*. Merry Christmas!! And Happy other holiday where you put candy in the children's shoes..the name escapes me.

    Much Joyous,
    Merry Christmas,
    Sorry, I'm fine for the most part just STRESSED with a capital "stress". I had a stupid test that was supposed to be about lung disease today, and was it? Hells no. It was 50% stuff we knew about and 50% stuff I wasn't touching with a ten foot pole.

    Anyways, whats going on in your life?
    Yeah but one case was if i can remember i had kadabra out and i thought you were going to switch to houndoom so i was going to counter with infernape and that would have knocked it out but i kept thinking to myself does he know that i'm thinking that and won't switch so i just said to hell with it and switched, it did not work out, there was even a moment where i thought of using frenzy plant on milotic but went with energy ball, i wonder what would have happened if i used frenzy plant

    I only used venusaur today so i didn't have much time to prepare, my staraptor had Brave bird, fly, close combat and aerial ace, i'll admit the attacks were similar but give it time and i'm sure it'll get better and no i didn't use items, once again, new at this so maybe next time
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