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  • Yeah, contests gave May and Dawn lots of character. All those potential goals seem good, PokéVision sounds the worst overall, along with Gyms. Gyms will always be for Ash, and PokéVision is just video-making with dress up.
    Yeah! Exactly! But it is hard to do because there's no contests in Kalos, or anything else. So it seems like Serena has no choice than to be shipping fodder I guess.
    So far it's Clemont > Ash = Serena > Bonnie. Clemont is the best because at least he doesn't have a lack of personality, Ash and Serena are tied because Ash does have great battling skills, but his lack of personality other than happy is bad. Serena feels like shipping fodder, but she might have a more shy character who's searching for a goal. Bonnie is the worst because she has a painful voice in the dub, and has no purpose than to say cute all the time, there's to depth to her at all.
    I'm thinking about 190 episodes, because the franchise's 20th anniversary is in 2 years, so they might finish it with one last season of XY with many great things. Like maybe Brock returning, Dawn as well, and more.
    At first I thought it was great, mostly because I didn't like BW themes much despite being so catchy. But now I realize it's awful, mostly because it's horribly cut, the singer's singing being so lame. But the background animation was great.
    I've mostly watched the dub, I saw some of XY in Japanese subbed, and a few of OS in Hindi.
    Agreed on that! So you watch just the Japanese with subs? That's cool, at least you don't have see the bad script writing.
    Yeah, I did watch all the other series in the dub. The 4Kids dub is my favorite because the overall quality is much better than the current one. Like, the voice acting, the script writing, and the openings were all so good.
    So we agree then? Yeah, I don't have enough time to watch the original Japanese with subs, so I settle for the currently horrendous dub lol.
    Well the dub isn't as good as BW Season 1, so it's about the same as DP I guess. Clemont's and Serena's voices are the best ones in XY, while TR, Ash, and Bonnie are the worst. Bonnie is so annoying with her voice, I mean it's so high-pitched.
    Yeah, maybe people were put off by how bad it sounded they didn't want to know.
    Yeah, her BF voice was bad. By robotic, I mean like how Ash doesn't seem full of passion anymore.
    I agree with that. In XY, she's at her second worst to mr, BF is first. And her scripts are awful and robotic.
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