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  • Thanks for agreeing with me. She isn't a good voice actor for Ash at all. If Ash were 16/17 years old, then she can fit, but since Ash is 10 forever, she isn't good. She was alright in early BW, but after that she sounded bad. What's yours?
    I agree with this so much! I really didn't feel any emotion or anything at all with that voice.
    His VA was the worst to me! It sounded scratchy to me. May, she would've been alright if she was older. The opening was okay to me.
    You do? That's nice. Yeah, it's the worst for me too, the voice acting, the scripts, and the opening were so bad.
    No not yet, I heard from my friends here that BF in Japanese subs isn't as bad like in the dub.
    Yeah, I meant the dub. In the Japanese original, I think they don't speak like that.
    Same thing happens to me too lol. Yeah, I really liked the first three seasons of AG more, the opening songs were so good. Then BF happened, I really didn't like how Ash and everyone spoke in slang.
    It was very good! I liked the first 3 seasons of AG mostly. The writing really got bad in Battle Frontier though.
    That's true though. But he did have to use reserves so in some ways AG Ash was just as good, maybe a little weaker.
    But Ash did make the Top 8 in the Hoenn League using only his Hoenn team. And Ash had to use all of his Pokémon to get to that in the Top 8 in Johto.
    Maybe Grant's Pokemon were all weak? Or Ash trained hard enough to sweep this guy.
    Because BW was pretty decent looking back, and XY has impressed me with the battles so far. So if XY ends up worse, than BW, I'd rank it lower.
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