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  • Then I had to go a hospital for that.

    Yeah same as me. My Pokémon obsession has come back with the XY games. I've only watched Pokémon, Evangelion, Naruto, and Yugioh. Yeah me neither.

    Lmfao, I can't believe Pipluo saw that! Haha, and Dawn's reaction = priceless.
    Ash's DP outfit was very cool, I wanted that outfit so badly when DP was still on.
    I tripped and fell while playing during recess in middle school. But I wasn't that into soccer lol.

    I will. It'd be a surprise if I was the only one lol. What kind of mangas are you into besides Pokémon?
    I used to play basketball before I scraped my knee, face, and some other places on my face. And I used to play soccer for a while.

    Cool. I should see a picture of it then. I was a Pokémon freak starting out then lol. To his day i still can't find it.
    Yes that's the one.

    Lol, it's normal again so you don't have to cringe at it.

    They have a Japanese department? Really? That's so cool. The only manga I've read is the manga adaptation of M09. Too bad I lost it. -_-

    Not really, maybe football?

    I am a guy, but it was all for a joke. I'll just change it back to normal now....

    Ehh... Who are they?
    Lol, buy my savings account will be drained so much.

    Because I don't keep track of sports.

    You'll need a mental therapist afterwards lol.

    No, I wish though. But the bookstores near me don't sell it.

    They did? Who wouldn't if that was the team they were rooting for? I do live in the US. But I wasn't aware they'd be playing.

    Exactly like me. Read my bio again then you'll see how weird it is.
    It also take me to the home screen a lot when I'm here.

    Me neither. They did? I didn't see it.

    Yeah, I'm more reserved about them. They'd be so creeped out on a new level lol.
    Eh, I looked up the specs and the processor is from 2011, no wonder it's this slow.


    I don't show emotions in general. I would like to put it on public, then I'd scare people away lol.
    Must be tech being slow.

    Cool. Didn't know that.

    Lol, it was a joke actually. I don't even drool for food, it's to make people think I'm a crazy. Although, that'd only work for people on my friends list cause I set my profile to private.
    I do have infinity blade I/II and Where's my Perry, but I hardly use them nowadays thanks to Pokémon XY.

    Not really, I'm just hearing people talk about which team they want to win and such. You?
    That's what I was saying.

    All I do is just come to SPPf and browse the web. It's got barely any apps, no pictures, nothing.
    I am watching the dub. Nobody has really said anything to me about why the Sub might be better. Also, I'm not quite sure why the show feels without motivation. Maybe because at this point it's Ash's third go around, repeating his quest for 8 badges and all. Also, just the way the series started was a bit rocky. Ash with nobody but Pikachu was sad more than anything, thinking about all his other Pokemon he kinda just abandoned. Aslo, he has caught a Treeco and Tailow at this point, but they don't seem to have much personality like his old Pokemon had, and because of this they are boring. Gym battles are usually exciting however, so for the first time I'm looking forward to the next episode in AG!
    Cool. I'm looking into buying a 3DS or 2DS so I can play X or Y. I've always been a fan of Pokemon Yellow and then Fire Red as well. I never really played anything outside of Kanto. This year was also my first year watching the show, and funny enough it's hard to watch anything beyond the Johto series.

    Which is better, X or Y?
    In the game she looks fine like when you watch trailers. Kinda like how in XY, Calem and Serena looked meh running through the overworld. Not at all? Makes sense though.

    It's an iPad mini, I got it 2013 and it's running terribly slow now for some reason.
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