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  • Really? They told me that mine is greater.
    Quarterback? Nice, good luck on your game.
    Says the guy whose average bedtime is 3 am.
    Sorry, I had to hurry off. Anyway where have you been???
    Yup. Agreed. At first I hated it, but in fanart of it, May looks pretty good actually. It's just that the official art looks so lifeless, her skin tone is too dark, her eyes are grey and look dull, etc. You?

    Lol, it really gets on my nerves.
    No problem. She's a good character, but a movie for herself is a little overboard.

    Yea exactly.
    Agreed. Lol, really? That's a little extreme don't ya think?

    No problem at all, that happens to me as well.
    Lol, that's a fact. Pretty much. IKR? It'd be good. I've been hoping May gets a special, it's been so long since DP. No problem.

    Maybe, never?
    Yeah, that was kinda weird. Lol, DP Ash would've destroyed Red's team then. IKR? If only there was enough time for that. Yeah, I really want a May reappearance soon. Agreed. No problem.

    Oh yeah, it's really drowning.
    Idk, apparently you can with this show.Well she's not in the background too much in nose, but true. I'd say they're meh, not perfect but not terrible. Agreed. It really is a filler. IKR? Pretty much. Thad be epic, if only DP lasted one more year. Exactly, she was cool, but only there for the marketing. Agreed again.

    The XY games, or XY show?
    Probably something like DA 2.0. Probably forever at this rate. She's in the background a lot. True. Dawn and Ash's chemistry was one of my favorite things in DP. IKR? He's so easy because of healing items, and Red himself uses healing items, he's bit that powerful. They could, have made a PWT arc instead, but nope. Decided to waste our time, only thing it did was introduce Alexa. It was funny too. Agreed.

    The merchandising for the show is doing badly, but the games should be doing fine.
    I should one of these days.

    I think that BW was better than XY at this point, but to each their own. Well the ratings are lower than DA, so that's really bad, but the show will go on and on and on. Serena is okay for me, her flaws are entertaining compared to Bonnie's cuteness IMO. They don't have good chemistry, none of them have it at all. At least DP had great Ash and Dawn chemistry. Pretty much. I'd like to see those Red fanboys think he's the most powerful trainer in the games after battling in the Battle Frontier lol. True. Exactly. We were so close to a happy ending, until Trollbias appeared. It was complete trash, even the middle of Johto was better.

    Not like the ratings wil change anything, the show is about selling merchandise.
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