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  • That's cool! should really get an Xbox to try it out one of these days. Yup, still going strong. Lol, so true.

    I know, but somehow if some kids are still watching from DA to XY, they're getting bored. Not like XY has been any good so far, Bonnie is just using Brock's stale gag, Serena prefers trying to woo Ash than training or bonding with Fennekin, Clemont's gag will get stale quickly, and XY Ash's personality is very static, there's nobody to get him to show any emotion other than happy right now. Most get tried of him for not being Red, always losing, never showing signs of progression after BW, etc. Yup, I'm a huge fan of Ash, but even I can admit his handling as a person and trainer is terrible. Agreed, DP has everything going for him, he met all of the Elite 4 and Cynthia, he's got Dawn's support, and Paul pushed him to the edge. And our payoff for believing Ash could win, was Trollbias ruining the league and Ash's hope to ever win. DA was a mess, it was garbage.

    I saw them in the Amour thread, Pearl thread (not sure), and the character speculation thread.
    Spartans are the heroes right? It's only been, 12 years and a few months since it released. They kept bragging about it during last gen, now they're hypocrites.

    It's really going downhill, maybe the kids themselves are tired of this show. Stopping the show with DP or BW would've been good. The DA arc really messed up the anime.
    I've heard he's awesome. I see then. I searched Halo 1, and it says that it was released in 2001. It was one of the things I liked about Playstation, now it's out the window.

    Yeah I did, but the merchandising is what drives this anime. So if the games, manga, toys, etc, tank in sales, then the show gets in big trouble.
    Yeah. Thanks. The Halo Master Chief Collection sounds good, if only I have an Xbox ONE. Cool, that's like since 2001 right? Nope, it's now $59.99 every year or something like that, basically it's not free like on the PS3.
    Well at least I can save up more money after spending some of it on ORAS and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5. Not many games on Xbox interest me, Forza and Halo look good though.
    You need more than one person's opinion to determine that. I tried, but they couldn't speak properly whenever I came.
    Football? Perfect, we eat lunch while watching the guys play.
    Bad girl? Since when were you my father? :p

    Not really, I'd only want one when Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 is out, which will happen around 2015 to 2017.
    Well there are all these online communities like here so it can be done.

    Yeah I do, not as much now because I'm playing Pokémon XY a lot recently.
    Even though it's nearly impossible to catch them all with over 700 Pokémon now.

    It's really good, if you have a PS3 there's an HD collection with two games and movie made out of the clips from a Kingdom Hearts game. Cool.
    After all there are people who play for catching them all instead of battling.

    Kingdom Hearts games have a good mix of that IMO. Not really, I only do that in Pokémon XY, but that's just for trading and the random battle once a month or so. You?
    Like when you catch Pokémon more than battling them, it saves up a ton if time.

    Thanks. Not really, I prefer story and gameplay over just plain shooting.
    Oh really? Who says that? You don't have to ask all of them, just ask one. Easy enough? ^_^
    Okay okay. Why don't you join me and my friends for lunch sometime? ;)
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